6825 Meadow Lake Ave Dallas TX 75214 US

Start date: Monday, January 10 2022.


 On Monday from 2:50 PM to 3:50 PM.

 From 1/10/2022 until 5/9/2022

 PISD-Huffman Elementary

Location: PISD-Huffman Elementary | 5510 Channel Isle Drive, Plano, TX, 75093


Young Rembrandts teaches drawing, the fundamental skill of all visual arts. Our unique, proven method and step-by-step curriculum foster a wealth of skills such as fine motor skills, handwriting readiness, and attention to detail.

Young Rembrandts art instructor will guide the kids through each drawing activity. Kids can show their work, ask questions, receive feedback and the instructor will provide encouragement throughout the class.

Registration opens 12/1/2021

Available: Full

Price: $175.00 Taxes waived

Required age: 5+ on the day of the activity

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