647 - Unit 101 Princess St. Kingston ON K7L 1E4 CA

Date de début : dimanche, 19 septembre 2021.

Horaire :

 Le 19 septembre 2021, de 09:30 à 16:00

 Front Studio

 Bruce St. Clair

Responsable : Maddi Andrews (contact@ksoa.info)

Lieu : Front Studio | 647 Princess Street, Unit 101, Kingston, ON, K7L 1E5

Description :

Lawren Harris is best known as a member of the Group of Seven who pioneered a distinctly Canadian painting style in the early twentieth
century. He imbued his paintings with a spiritual dimension and gave a new vision to representations of the northern Canadian landscape. Many of his paintings display a sublime elegance with their graceful, simplified (abstracted) forms and smoothly graduated colours.

Artistically, this workshop will embrace the dramatic power of abstraction, and technically, the skill of smoothly blending colours in cleanly defined shapes. The preferred mediums will be oil or
acrylic on canvas, although participants are free to choose pastel or watercolour.

Required Materials.

Disponibles : 1

Prix : 90,00 $ Taxes exonérées

Informations supplémentaires : You can park in the angled parking lot off Victoria Street, just past the Window Art Gallery.

Étiquettes : Advanced Intermediate Beginner Adults Workshop

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