About Homeschool Enrichment Centers What We Do Homeschool Enrichment Center (HEC) provides a safe place where homeschool families can come together, take classes and receive support and encouragement from one another. Whether they are looking for a couple of enrichment classes, extra-curricular, or core classes, homeschool families can find it here. HEC offers a healthy environment where parents feel welcomed, and children in grades TK-12 can learn. We offer classes, community building activities & events such as field trips, paint parties, fall festivals, thanksgiving feasts, entrepreneurship fairs, valentine’s exchanges & an end of the year books celebration. How it Works: The campus is open 3 days a week, Tuesdays Through Thursdays, during the regular school year. Homeschool Enrichment Center will sign a master lease with a church campus facility. HEC will ensure the space is appropriate for the needs of the instructors and the safety and well being of the children. HEC will contract with instructors and provide an appropriate space for the classes to take place. HEC will list available classes on its website and provide the tools for parents to register their children for the classes. Parents will pay a small, annual membership fee to HEC each school year. HEC does not collect funds for the classes taught. Instructors are paid directly by parents (or by their charter) for the classes. Many parents choose to use charter funds from their charter school.


1123 N Mollison Ave

El Cajon, CA, 92021

(619) 504-0895

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