1123 N Mollison Ave El Cajon CA 92021 US

Date de début : mardi, 26 janvier 2021.

Horaire :

 Le mardi de 09:00 à 14:55.

 Du 2021-01-26 jusqu'au 2021-05-25

 HEC Room 06 - Front Nursery

 Jeremy Wilson, Melissa Allen, Jeremiah Wilson, Jeremiah Wilson, Elizabeth Blackmore, Nicholas Wilson

Responsable : HomeschoolEnrichmentCenters@gmail.com

Lieu : HEC Room 06 - Front Nursery

Description :

Tuesday In-Person, Drop off Enrichment Days:

9:00-9:55am- Kinder Math

10:00- 10:55-Junior Video Game Design

11:00-11:55- Artifacts in Archaeology

12:00-12:55- Lunch Bunch

1:00-1:55- Grossology

2:00-2:55- Crafting Through Colonial History

Affiliation obligatoire :

  • 2020-2021 Student Membership for HEC $45

Disponibles : 3/4

Prix : 1 177,00 $ Taxes exonérées

Notes : This Drop off Enrichment day consists of multiple vendors/teachers coming together to teach enrichment classes in their field. Membership would need to be purchased at $45 & then pay the following via Charter Funds, Venmo or PayPal. If a mandate is still in place, Charter Funds may not be able to be used. The students will be walked from walk class to another in a group by each teacher. Please pay these vendors. When paying them, in the comments, please provide: Child's name What class payment is for Please make payments as follows: $32 Venmo: @Leslie-HEC-Fun for Lunch Bunch $225 Venmo: @Mrs-Blackmore Charter: Blackmore Learning Academy $240 to Venmo: @JKW Innovations Charter: JKW Innovations $225 Venmo: @Melissahareallen Charter: ARCHOFACTS $230 Venmo: @jeremiah_wilson2 Charter: JKW Innovations $225 Venmo: @Melissahareallen Charter: ARCHOFACTS

Prérequis : Venmo or PayPal payment to each vendor separately. You are paying for the ability to drop off & feel safe in knowing that your child will be with a teacher or aid & in their group the whole day. :) Elizabeth Blackmore blackmoreclasses@gmail.com JKW Innovations jkwinnovations@gmail.com Melissa Allen melissahareallen@gmail.com Jeremiah Wilson jeremiah_wilson2@yahoo.com Melissa Allen melissahareallen@gmail.com

Informations supplémentaires : CHARTER PAYMENT IS TO BE MADE IN DURATION TO multiple vendors as noted above

Étiquettes : 1st K TK

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