2150 Fillmore Cr Ottawa ON K1J 6A4 CA

Date de début : lundi, 17 août 2020.

Horaire :

 Tous les jours de 09:00 à 16:00.

 Du 2020-08-17 jusqu'au 2020-08-21

 Max Volley Beach Courts - GLOUCESTER

 Simon Doyle

Responsable : Youth Development Program Director - Ian Whamond - ian@maverickvolleyball.c

Lieu : Max Volley Beach Courts - GLOUCESTER | 818 Shefford Rd, Gloucester, ON, K1J 8H9

Description :

Athletes will be placed in small groups of 8 and each assigned their own Coach, with our Camp Director overseeing all activities.

Groups will be formed on the basis of age and skill. We will be pleased to keep family and friends together.

Daily activities will include Beach Volleyball, Grass Volleyball, Cross Net Volleyball, as well as other daily activities that promote activity and fitness while respecting Ontario Health Guidelines.

Disponibles : Complet

Prix : 299,00 $ Taxes en sus

Âge requis : 11 à 16 à partir de 2020-12-31

Notes : Please be sure to bring the following items each day: Hat Sunscreen Sunglasses (optional) Socks for the sand (it can get hot!) Plenty of Water While Camps are scheduled to run rain or shine, if we run into storm like weather we may have to make a decision to cancel earlier than expected as we will not have access to indoor facilities that we will deem safe.

Prérequis : Open to all age and skill levels with players grouped accordingly.

Informations supplémentaires : Please ensure you have reviewed our COVID-19 checklist prior to attending each day

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