Numa Somatics

Nūma Somatics is an integrative breathwork therapy that weaves the scientific with the mystical to evoke deep healing and profound insights.

- Calgary AB - CA

Date de début : vendredi, 2 juillet 2021.

Horaire :

 Du 2 juillet 2021 à 18:00, jusqu'au 2 juillet 2029 à 21:00

Description :

This Journey is lead by Trevor Yelich, with a living soundscape provided by Sebastien Bolessa. 

Nourish yourself and shed that which no longer serves.  Open and clear the pathways to health and well-being on all levels.

Your breath is a key that unlocks body and mind ... curious what's inside?

Nūma Breathwork is a transformational synthesis of conscious breathwork, somatic explorations, sound healing, and inquiry that supports you in clearing energy within the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies. This dynamic practice can catalyze spontaneous insights and direct contact with the ineffable. 

Please have the following items ready:
- Pillow and Blanket
- Something comfortable to lie on for about 75min
- Water
- Pen and journal
- Intention for your journey

Music by: Sebastien Bolessa:

Prix : 10,00 $ Taxes en sus

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