4303 Varsity Drive NW Calgary AB T3A0Z7 CA

Date de début : samedi, 7 janvier 2023.

Horaire :

 Le samedi de 12:00 à 13:00.

 Du 2023-01-07 jusqu'au 2023-03-11

 Vienna Room

Responsable : Ann Wohlers

Lieu : Vienna Room | 4303 Varsity Drive NW, Calgary, AB, T3A0Z7

Description :

Experience the feeling of empowerment that comes from a strong mind and a strong body with Kettlebell training!

Our bodies were designed to move. From the time we are born, our bodies learn to crawl, walk, run, kick, hop and jump. Our daily lives require us to squat, turn, twist, pull, push, and lift. So often we focus our fitness routine on cardio training alone. We forget that we need to also train our bodies for longevity and injury prevention by working on our strength, coordination, balance, reaction time and flexibility skills.

Swinging a kettlebell will not only increase your heart rate without any impact on your joints, but it will also train your body to be stronger and more confident. By incorporating martial arts motion into the workout, we also improve our flexibility, mobility, and reaction time.

Think personal training in a group fitness environment. YOUR fitness level today, YOUR individual fitness goals, and YOUR personal physical considerations.

Instructor: Lorene Hughes (Scry Bunny Fitness)

Affiliation(s) obligatoire(s) :

  • Lifetime Membership
  • Senior Non-Resident Membership 2022-2023
  • Senior Community Membership 2022-2023
  • Family Non-Resident Membership 2022-2023
  • Family Community Membership 2022-2023

Prix : 125,00 $ Taxes incluses

Âge requis : 18 à 90 au jour de l'activité

Notes : Please bring a yoga mat and kettlebell (or dumbbell), bare feet or workout shoes. Most students begin their training journey with a 10lb (4kg) or less kettlebell. They average in price around $2.00+ per lb

Prérequis : All fitness levels are welcome.

Informations supplémentaires : All water bottles left in the coat room will be disposed of on Friday nights.

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