Activity Reports

Gain Insight into your Community and your Organization with Participant Data.

Stay up-to-date with your accounts while monitoring revenue and registration periods as they relate to activities. Amilia’s activity-based reporting helps you understand your participants so you can make smarter decisions for your organization every step of the way.

Monitor Activity Performance.

Respond to your customers’ needs by identifying which activities generate the most enrollments so you know how to optimize plans for the future. Track registration activity, see who's signed up for what, and understand how your programs perform any time of the year.

Understand Your Participants.

View demographic information, like age and location, to make decisions that better serve the social fabric of your community. Plus, generate attendance lists for each activity that show health-related info like allergies, medical conditions and emergency contacts. Participant information and attendance lists are also available for staff members and coaches to see directly in the Amilia App.