Attendance Tracking

Amilia simplifies attendance tracking by providing you with a variety of tools to take attendance on and offline, and even on your smartphone.

Automated Attendance Lists

Generate custom attendance lists for each of your activities with the information you collect during registration. Your staff will be able to see important details like medical conditions, dietary restrictions and emergency contacts. You can also save attendance lists as templates, making it easier to reuse them.

Mobile Attendance Tracking with the Amilia App

Give your staff the ability to take attendance directly from their mobile phones with the Amilia App. With the swipe of a finger, they can mark participants as present or not-present, and see important info like medical & health conditions, emergency contacts and any other important notes.

Manage Check-Ins & Check-Outs

With pick-ups and drop-offs, parents need to know their children are safe and leaving with the right person. Our check-in/check-out functionality ensures optimum security by identifying participants by name and photo, as well as who their proper guardian is. Daily overviews also give staff a great way to see who has already checked in and, most importantly, who hasn’t checked out at the end of the day.