Critical Awareness was founded by two long-term private security experts with active full-time employment within the industry since 1987 and 1993. We were founded for the specific purpose of educating both licensed and unlicensed security professionals and civilians alike, in the area of security, self-awareness and the proper use of firearms. Frank L. Piper Began in 1987, after his honorable discharge from the USMC and has remained actively employed since. He has worked the capacities of Officer, Patrol, Supervisor, Instructor Operations Management, Human Resources, Branch/District Management, Vice President and Ownership. Frank is a NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor as well as a NRA "Refuse To Be A Victim" Faculty Member, certifying new instructors. Mark D. Walters entered the industry in 1993 and has been actively employed as well. Having served as an Officer, Field Supervisor, Operations Manager, Staff Trainer, Instructor and Director of Operations, he is considered and "Operations Expert" by most who know him. Having worked as a team since 1993 with companies such as Allied Security Inc., The Wackenhut Corporation and Intercept Investigative Agency, both Frank and Mark are focused on exceptionally professional Security Officer instruction. Critical Awareness offers both the basic Class "D" and "G" License training as well as a multitude of enhanced certificates along with private awareness and firearm training.


10385 N Main St

Jacksonville, FL, 32218

(904) 410-2123

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