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Tiny Waves In Training Saturdays in the Fall starting 9/12/20 Monthly Class & signups are monthly!

The Harbor ?? is home to over 3??5?? Tiny Athlete’s as well as a Tiny in Training Program. ?? If you’re looking to get your child involved in a Fun, ?? Encouraging Sport, Cheer Sport Sharks is the obvious answer. ?? Cheerleading is everything from Dance, ????Tumbling, ??????? Jumps and Stunting all while being coached by our invested staff! SHARKS is the PERFECT PLACE ?? for your little one to grow leadership skills, ?? make new Friends, ????? and gain a new level of confidence ? all at a young age. Tiny Waves ?? in Training classes offer SHARKS ?? an exciting first experience in the harbor with learning the fundementals of All-Star Cheerleading.  Laying the ground work for formal introduction into the sport, your shark ?? will join the fun atmosphere. Your Tiny Waves?? Shark will begin to master listening skills, learn to participate in a team setting and form a love for the sport of cheerleading. FINS UP! ??

Interested in more information, email us at Harbor@cheersportsharks.com ??

$50 per month

Saturday Mornings throughout the fall/winter from 11:15am-12pm starting September 12th, 2020.

Ages 3 -7 years old

Sign-ups are monthly and registration is now opened!

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$50.00 /month

2020-2021 Cheer Sport Sharks Athletes Yearly Registration Fee Elite, Minis, Tinys & Non Travel Teams

Join the Sharks Family! Be part of something amazing - the first Sharks Gym in United States! Amazing staff, great choreography, fabulous guest instructors, plus all the other benefits that come from being a Shark! This is a per athlete membership Yearly fee due at sign-ups for all teams.

Individual membership


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