53 Laird Drive Toronto ON M4G 3T4 CA

Start date: Tuesday, August 3 2021.


 On Tuesday from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

 From 8/3/2021 until 8/24/2021

 53 Laird Drive

Resource person: info@gritathletics.ca

Location: 53 Laird Drive


The Youth Sport Ready Athletic Development program is designed upon countless years of research that has gone into childhood and youth athletic development. Children are not mini-adults and require a properly designed evidenced-based program that reflects their current physiological and cognitive developmental stage.

All of our youth programs are rooted in fun and focused on creating an optimal learning environment for maximum engagement. We place a strong focus on physical literacy, building adaptable movers with a sense of time and space and exceptional problem-solvers. Each session includes motor skill development, speed, change of direction, spatial awareness, decision making and age-appropriate strength training.

Although the program may be rigorous, it will also be rewarding. Athletes will not only develop physically but also personally. They will learn to “never quit’, that vulnerability is strength, and build lasting bonds with both their peers and coaches. They will learn that sports are not about being the best, but about using sports as a platform to pursue the best possible version of themselves. At the end of this program GRIT athletes will not only be prepared to handle their sport but also have learned humility, resilience, and developed the personal endurance to handle whatever life throws at them. 

Available: 5/5

Price: $140.00 Taxes not included

Required age: 7 - 9 on the day of the activity

Tags: Sport Performance Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4

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