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Start date: Saturday, January 6 2018.

Schedule:  On Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM.  From January 6, 2018 until March 17, 2018  Ottawa Circus School

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Location: Ottawa Circus School | 2275 Gladwin Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K1B 4L5

Description: In this class you will have the opportunity to train a variety of circus arts with experts in the field. You’ll learn and develop techniques in aerial arts (trapeze, silk, lyra, etc), balancing (unicycle, tightrope, etc), acrobatics (floor gymnastic, partner acro, etc) and prop manipulation (juggling, diabolo, hoops, etc). Instructors will guide the participants to develop circus skills at their own pace

Available: 3/12

Price: $51.00 Taxes not included Promo

Required age: 8 - 12 on the day of the activity

Gender: N/A

Notes: Dress code: Wear athletic clothing that is stretchy but fitted so you can go upside down For aerials: Long leggings or sweatpants with absolutely no zippers, buttons, eyelets, plastic or metal of any kind on clothing. We work with and without socks. For Unicycling: Clean indoor shoes that tie up snuggly

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