The Tibetan Canadian Cultural Centre also known as "Gangjong Choedenling", is a community based charitable organization located in in the Greater Toronto Area. It is the largest Tibetan community centre in North America and serves visitors from all walks of life. It was acquired on Oct 17, 2007 and over the years was transformed from a industrial lighting factory to a usable community centre. Our recent expansion completed in 2019 is the addition of an Assembly Hall and a Multi-Purpose Hall (gymnasium). With the vision of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the centre's primary goal has been to preserve and promote Tibet's rich culture and traditions through structured programs. We teach the Tibetan Language and offer dance, music and performing arts programs. Our motto has always been "Preserving Our Past ...and Building Our Future".


40 Titan Road

Toronto, ON, M8Z2J8

(416) 410-5606

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