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Training Peaks & Club Memberships

Training Peaks & Club Memberships

Bike Club on Zwift and Training Peaks (x1 class per week)


Our Bike Club Membership gives the ability to move your workouts around if you can't make the scheduled day. You will also have acess to the *premium metrics on Training Peaks so you can see your fitness improvement on your Training Peaks dashboard.

Includes: 1 (90 min) coach led bike workouts per week until Sept 30 - These workouts are imported from Training Peaks to Zwift. You have the choice to do the workouts live at the scheduled times below with a coach or you can move them to any other day of the week. There will be no live classes over the 2 week holiday break or Easter weekend but workouts will still be imported from Training Peaks to Zwift.

Tuesdays 8:00am (90 mins) Training Peaks/Zwift (Tuesdays only for the Summer months)

Thursdays 8:00am (60 mins) Training Peaks/Zwift

Saturdays 8:00am (90 mins) Training Peaks/Zwift

The Indoor Bike Club is great for those who enjoy cycling as a way to keep fit over the winter months so they can get out and do long rides with their friends in the Summer or do bike tours. This program is structured ina way that triathletes will benefit by increasing their fitness over the winter so that they are at their peak fitness for the Summer races.

If you're looking for a more structured training plan for triathlon, we recommend the Basic Custom Plan for beginners or short distance triathletes and the Premium Custom Plan for the Half Iron to Ironman distances.

*Monthly fee now includes $10/month Training Peaks Premium membership!

ALL Bike Club members must also be a member of Team Triumph, please click above to add your 2021/2022 Team Triumph membership first and return here to add your bike club subscription to your cart.


per month

Team Triumph Club Membership 2021-2022

Individual membership

Being a member of Team Triumph in this time of Covid has never been better! You will continue to be able to connect with your tribe while training hard and having some fun as a community. Since 2002 our members have made athletic friends which they now consider their best friends for life!

You will have access to our members only private Facebook page where we encourage you to set meet-up swims, rides and runs with your teammates. We will have a members only website page which will give you access to our recorded strength, yoga classes and more.

Team Triumph members have access to our awesome Onboarding Coordinator Brenda when it comes to questions about how to find tech help or provide registration help and to keep track of our awesome challenges.

Members have access to pre registration for our programs and camps and special member rates. Membership with Team Triumph Triathlon Club gives you a discount with many of our partners including: Triathlon Ontario, Bushtukah, Full Cycle, Sports 4, Aquasport, Balance & Motion Massage Therapy and Ottawa NKT. 

Every member will receive a cool piece of Triumph swag when you join! You can also choose to join in on our fun members only challenges on Strava with great prizes for the winners. 

A membership with Team Triumph Triathlon Club is more than just accessing workouts. You will find your tribe while receiving great member support, socials, fun challenges, prizes, discounts and cool Team Triumph swag!

Membership runs from: Aug 6th 2021 to Aug 31st 2022

Thanks you for being part of our triathlon club! If you would like to register for any of our programs, you must also be a member of Team Triumph.


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