West Perth Dance Club (WPDC) opened in 2019. Founded by sisters, Tammi Walkom and Marcie Partridge, they are dedicated to providing a full range of dance classes at affordable prices. While catering to the needs of the dancers in the community, WPDC is also proud of providing job opportunities for senior dance students who have very busy schedules themselves and often struggle to find work because of their commitments to dance. Tammi, a busy mom of three young children with an enthusiasm for entrepreneurship approached her sister, Marcie, a nurse who has been involved with dance for almost a decade regarding a need for dance classes in the small town of Mitchell. Excited by the opportunity, both sisters took the leap and began WPDC by running a 6-week session in the summer of 2019. By Fall, with over 100 students, they were encouraged to expand. WPDC now offers classes for ages 16 months to 14 in ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, tap, and acro, all run by senior dance students; holding 2 recitals a year. Also offering special dance camps, workshops, birthday parties and wedding choreography, WPDC is looking forward to offering a show team and join in many local events as their business expands.


3882 Wellington St Unit 7

Mitchell, ON, N0K 1N0

(226) 921-4621

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