5251 Oak Street Vancouver BC V6M 4H1 CA

Date de début : jeudi, 15 octobre 2020.

Horaire :

 Les jeudis de 11:00 à 12:30.

 3 fois à partir du 2020-10-15

Responsable : jgellman@vandusen.org

Lieu : Via Zoom

Description :

Join Susan Pearson for a 3-week series on botanical watercolour. Each week you will focus on a single botanical specimen, and channel all your colours into the stem, leaves and flowers. With finer brushes, you can bring intricate reference materials to this workshop in order to create a realistic painting. Use your creativity to choose colours, while maintaining discipline in your portrayal of botanical pieces.

For this class, Susan suggests that participants have the following materials at home:

Paper - Arches 140lb-300lb. cold press watercolour paper, 9” x 12” or larger.
Watercolour Paints - Holbein brand: Red ( Carmine) Yellow ( New Gamboge) Blue (Peacock blue). Can add Olive Green, Opera (hot pink), and Payne’s grey.
Detailed Brushes – size 01 for fine detail. A good array of brushes includes sizes 04, 1, 4, and 6.
Mixing Palette - plastic or ceramic white surface
Sketching – 2b mechanical pencil and white eraser
Water – 2 mason jars or 2 yogurt containers

This course will take place live online, and will not be recorded. Pre-registration required. If you have unused Education Credits, you can use them to pay for this course!

Disponibles : Disponible

Prix : 65,00 $ Taxes en sus

Notes : This course will take place live online, and will not be recorded. Online course log-in details will be sent 24 hours before course date.

Informations supplémentaires : Instructor: Susan Pearson

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