137 Mills Rd Ajax ON L1S 2H2 CA

Start date: Tuesday, January 7 2020.


 On Tuesday from 9:05 AM to 10:05 AM.

 1 times starting 1/7/2020

 On Tuesday, January 14, 2020 from 9:05 AM to 10:05 AM

Location: 137 Mills Rd


For Pre-schoolers (18 months to 5 years) who will take class accomanied by one (only 1) adult. Parent or caregiver must be capable to actively participate and assist his/her own child.

Certified coach will teach skills and show how the circuits work. Through fun activities, children will learn gym basics, listening to instructions, and social interaction in a group setting.

Booking for future classes can be made after class

Regular (outside of Open House) rates:

- Tue or Fri M&M class: Fall session $120 ($8/class) + yearly membership, Prebook on line single class $15 each + membership

- Parent & Tot: Fall session about $200 + membership 

Purchase multi-pack for flexibility and good rate. Use ticket from the the multi-pack to book dates of your choice.

Book individaul class on line up to 30 days ahead, minimum 1 hour in advance.

Mandatory membership:

  • 2019 -2020 Artistic Athlete (Rec) Membership

Required age: 18 - 60 months on the day of the activity

Notes: A few tips for a better gym experience - Wear sportive clothing without buttons or loose pieces for safety (both adult and child); no dresses, no hoodies, no tutus - Long hair must be tied back - Bring a water bottle - Talk to your child about listening: Gym is fun but it is not free play. In order to learn it is important to listen to the coaches and follow their instructions - Your child goes bare feet in the gym with - One (and only 1) accompanying adult wearing socks - Please leave shoes on shelves in the waiting area (not on the floor where they can hazardous) - Please do NOT enter the practice area without your coach or staff - Be ready to have fun, run along and assist your child - Please do NOT bring toys or cel phone into the practice area so everyone can focus at gymnastics - Do NOT take pictures from the waiting area because of privacy concern for all participants. The last 5 min, staff will help parents already inside the gym to take picture of their own children but must not include others.

Requirements: Be able to listen to instructions and capable of running and climbing.

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