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Gymnastics BC Insurance/Membership

For all new registrations we are required to collect Gymnastics BC membership and insurance fees. The cost breakdown is $12.75 for Gymnastics BC membership, $21.25 for Insurance, and $8 for Gymnastics Canada membership. Total is $42. This membership expires on Aug 31 each year and must be renewed to continue.

Individual membership


Annual Registration Fee for individual

This annual registration fee covers the student for 12 months. Family discount: $35 if students are all added at once. Add each student's individual fee to the cart, and your discount will be applied at check-out. Before you register your children for activities, you need to create your own adult account, then add students to that account.

If you have paid a 5-year membership promo in the past, which is still valid, add this $20 annual membership to your cart anyway, pay it, and we will refund you manually if you give us the heads up. Our computer program does not allow us to remove it from our offering and still honour it, but we can do it manually.

Individual membership


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