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Paddle and Racquet Membership

Joining the High 5 Paddle and Racquet Membership gives players full access to both Pickleball and Tennis activities. Racquet sports are first and foremost a social sport.  Membership gives unlimited access to many organized play sessions and other fun events.  The play does not stop on the courts and includes invitations to social outings and community driven activities that are led by volunteers and other players in the community. Being a member at High 5 means you will meet new friends and become the best player you can be. 

  • For couples purchase 2 paddle and racquet memberships use rebate code SOPR for reduced rate on signifiant other. Second member must show proof of residence is same as primary member. 
  • For Juniors age 9-17 years old, add an aditional paddle and racquet memberships use rebate code JUPR for reduced rate on Junior. 



Tennis Pickleball Sports and Recreation

50,00 $ /mois


Swim Lessons Annual Registration Fee 2022

Affiliation individuelle


30,00 $


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