Activity Messenger

Sending emails and SMS now simplified

Activity Messenger sends messages to your participants, parents and players via email and SMS. Thanks to this platform, you can send the message that is perfectly suited to your particular situations: reminder of a match, cancelled course or targeted marketing campaign.

The new reality is: millennials don't check their email. You need to reach them on platforms where they are active, such as SMS.

How do Amilia and Activity Messenger integrate?

Activity Messenger is directly integrated with Amilia. Once the connection has been established with Amilia, you avoid handling Excel or CSV files. Participants or members are synchronized directly from Amilia using the API.

The integration allows you to:

  • Automate your email and text messaging campaign;
  • Create lists from Amilia;
  • Track message delivery, open and click rates;
  • Build responsive and customizable messages from templates;
  • Automatically synchronize lists with Amilia;
  • Integrate Zoom and Amilia to simplify online courses management;
  • And more!

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"Clear communication is the key to a great relationship with customers. I learned this lesson by working with sports & leisure administrators. With Activity Messenger, we are committed to providing administrators with the best messaging tool to improve the communications and relationships they have with their customers."
Martin Drapeau
Founder, Activity Messenger

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