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Dive into a new era of efficiency with Amilia's Swim School Management Software. Say farewell to paperwork headaches and manual data entry. Our platform centralizes all swimmer information, streamlines lesson scheduling, and simplifies class management tasks. Accessible on-the-go from your smartphone or tablet.

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Fill your swim classes with sessions, drop-ins or both.

A straight-forward registration process allows parents to sign their children up for classes and lessons with a few simple clicks while saving you and your staff valuable administrative resources.

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Flexible swim lesson scheduling software

Customize lesson scheduling to fit your swim school's needs with our flexible swim lesson scheduling software. Easily book facilities, coaches, and activities to ensure everyone is in the right place at the right time. Modify dates, times, facilities, or staff members associated with scheduled events as needed.

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Access your swim team members' information. Anytime, anywhere.

Collect and store all your client information in one centralized location with Amilia's fully customizable forms. Use this data for attendance lists, skill tracking and client reporting.

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"We offer as many activities as possible to the community, and to diversify our programming to really differentiate the Aquatic Complex from surrounding municipalities."
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Jonathan Perron Director of Operations, DACM
"Dozens of people lined up for hours to be told that there were no more spots and that their names would be on a waiting list."
M. Courtemanche General Manager, Mouvement Aquatique Laval
"After my email, Amilia is the first thing I open and I have three tabs up at all times – facility calendar activities, and clients. I use Amilia for almost everything; it is a huge aspect of my day. With Amilia, we achieved an 89% increase in monthly online revenue when we first launched."
Stephanie Frank Fitness Coordinator, Grapevine Parks & Rec

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What sets the best swim school software apart from other options?

    The best swim school software stands out due to its comprehensive feature set, user-friendly interface, reliable performance, and excellent customer support. Look for software that offers robust scheduling capabilities, intuitive administrative tools, and customizable options to meet the unique needs of your swim school. Additionally, consider factors such as data security, scalability, and integration capabilities when choosing the right software for your swim school.

  • How can swim lesson management software improve my swim school's operations?

    Swim lesson management software can enhance your swim school's operations by providing tools for managing student enrollments, membership management, and communicating with students and parents. Additionally, features such as attendance tracking, and seeing all the students information right from your phone can help instructors tailor lessons to individual student needs.

  • What features should I look for in swim lesson scheduling software?

    Swim lesson scheduling software should ideally include features such as customizable class schedules, automated reminders, and the ability to purchase memberships or private lessons. These features help swim schools efficiently manage their lesson schedules and ensure a smooth experience for both instructors and students.

  • Can I manage my private swim lessons in Amilia?

    Yes! Private lesson management is possible thanks to our flexible activity module. Easily schedule anything from group classes, private lessons, drop-in and camps.

  • What is the service and support required to transfer from our current platform to yours?

    There is an option of importing accounts into the system and manually activating them. We recommend something called organic adoption with regards to client account creation and phased implementation for programs If you have punch cards that are already sold, and no clear break in programming from when to switch systems, we will have some questions for you (how many, exact number of punches remaining etc) and discuss this with data migration team but that process would then be straightforward!

  • I have a lot of part-time employees? Can I manage their schedules in Amilia?

    Sure thing! Not only can you manage your staff schedules, but you'll be able to tag them according to their experience and certifications so you can assign the right coach to the right class. Your staff will be able to access their schedules, provide availabilities and even take attendance with their Amilia staff app.