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Take the stress out of managing your business with an all-in-one gymnastics software solution. Eliminate client and staff frustration with online registration, flexible payment plans and more.


Discover everything about Amilia's features or start your free trial today (no credit card required).

• Manage recreational and competitive team registrations in one place.


• Build and monitor waitlists for popular classes or sessions.


• Create flexible schedules that work for all participants and staff.

• Accept payments in multiple digital formats.


• Create a beautiful online storefront for brand merchandise and more.


• Offer special discounts and promotions to your clients.

• Create customizable forms to collect the information you need.


• Manage memberships, renewals and more in one digital hub.


• Build class attendance lists using your existing client data.

Gymnastics registration software that adapts to your needs

Get the participant information you need using a seamless online registration process. From creating your custom sign-ups forms to editing athlete profile details, our software adjusts based on your unique needs.

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Create an outstanding online buying experience

Streamline the look and feel of your online store with an intuitive, cart-based purchasing process. Accept payments in multiple digital formats, and even customize your storefront with a specific color scheme and logo.

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Flexible scheduling for both participants and staff

Create classes, activities and drop-ins that work for everyone with a flexible software scheduling system. Avoid participant and staff confusion while ensuring that everyone's in the right place at the right time !

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Go in-depth with Amilia's features

Find out more about how your gymnastics club can benefit from Amilia's complete online experience by getting in touch with one our dedicated team members.

We're here 24/7 to answer any questions you have by phone, e-mail or chat.

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Manage your gymnastics club from any location

Own your day-to-day from a smartphone or mobile device using a responsive web interface. Whether it's from a web browser or our dedicated app, you can manage your different sessions, communicate with families and so much more.

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Keep your clients engaged and up-to-date by setting up waitlists for your most popular classes. Automate the process during your online registration periods and send families notifications if spots become available.

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Attendance lists

Generate attendance lists for different classes or sessions automatically, based on your unique database. You can also change or update those lists in real-time, giving your staff the information they need at all times.

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Features built to help your club grow

Amilia gives you all the tools you need to generate more revenue and run your organization smoothly and efficiently. Don't just take our word for it either - find out how an Olympic champion has used our software to grow his business into one of the top gymnastics clubs in Canada by downloading the success story now!

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Can I integrate all my dancers' information onto the Amilia platform ?

Yes! Our application allows you to easily import all of your participant data from existing files used by a wide variety of Excel programs. Additionally, once that information is live in your Amilia database, you can always change or update specific fields in a few simple steps.

Once my 30-day trial is up, what are the different pricing options?

If you decide to purchase Amilia following your 30-day free trial, our pricing structure starts at $99/month. There is also a 1% fee for every transaction made on the platform. To get a more detailed pricing assessment for your organization's unique needs, one of our sales managers will be available to assist you.

"From the get go, the support team guided us through the set-up and made sure we were ready for our first registration period. They went above and beyond to ensure we understood the back end of the system and that all of our current customers were transferred over from our former system. Change is always hard, but they made it as painless as possible."

Kyle Shewfelt, Owner, Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics

"We chose Amilia because it was the only system that did everything. It's a life changer in the way it saves us time"

Kellie Stamp, Coach & Account Manager At Cheer Sport Sharks

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