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More than online registration. Amilia provides powerful tools to help gyms manage and grow while offering a great client experience from start to finish.

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Your Registrations. Online.

Offer your families and athletes a registration process you can be proud of while automating the connected administrative tasks so you can spend more time on value-add initiatives like marketing and customer service.

  • Registration restrictions
  • Waitlists
  • Mandatory Memberships
  • Flexible Payment Options
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Your Schedule, Your Way.

Whether that means different days of the week at different times, with different locations and staff requirements, we've got you covered. Flexible scheduling allows you to create custom schedules for all your classes and activities.

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Make The Most Of Your Athlete Data

Collect and store all the information you need on your athletes so you can make informed decisions about your gym and the services you offer with Amilia's customizable forms and activity reporting.

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"We are very pleased with our choice and we highly recommend Amilia to anyone looking for an online registration system that is both appealing from the customer side and easy to use from the administrative side. What a great combination!"
Kyle Shewfelt Owner, Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more help? Contact one of our Solution Advisers.

  • Can I import all my athlete information into the Amilia platform ?

    Yes! Amilia allows you to easily import all of your athlete data from existing files used by a wide variety of Excel programs. Additionally, once that information is live in your Amilia database, you can always change or update specific fields in a few simple steps.

  • Once my 30-day trial is up, what are the different pricing options?

    If you decide to purchase Amilia following your 30-day free trial, our pricing structure starts at $99/month. There is also a 1% fee for every transaction made on the platform. To get a more detailed pricing assessment for your organization's unique needs, one of our sales managers will be available to assist you.