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  • 2M+

    Participants registering with SmartRec

  • 1500+

    Organizations offering and selling activities with SmartRec

  • 6K+

    Admins managing schedules, staff and facilities

  • $1.7B+

    Online sales generated for SmartRec clients

  • 207%

    Little Kitchen Academy achieved 207% year-over-year growth with Amilia

  • 77%

    Grapevine grew online registrations from 10% to 77% of overall registrations

  • 6x

    Inspire Sports Victoria gym grew their memberships by 6x in just 2 years

“Parents say using the online platform is nice and easy. More and more of them are already familiar with SmartRec because they use it for other activities and so they already have an account and know how it works.”
Caroline rivard ballet ouest
— Caroline Rivard Administrative Coordinator, Ballet Ouest
“SmartRec has allowed our business to grow because I wouldn't have been able to with the way I was working. I was at my capacity. It wasn’t scalable.”
Veronica cowen camp funderblast
— Veronica Cowen Owner & Founder at Camp Funderblast
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“We had outgrown our previous system rather quickly, and we were looking for a platform that was built for tomorrow and could work proactively, instead of reactively as our needs changed.”
— John Martarano Vice President, Operations & Support, Little Kitchen Academy
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“We were innovative. We wanted to be a leader in the way we serve our customers and improve our customer experience, so it was a perfect match.”
— Samuel Garant Director of Operations at Sports Montréal
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“Having SmartRec, our online platform, and having people register online has freed up a lot of our part-time staff hours. They’re able to do some of those other things that we need them to do.”
Hunter hardeman grapevine
— Hunter Hardeman Recreation Supervisor at Grapevine Parks & Rec
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“We chose Amilia because it was the only system that did everything. It's a life changer in the way it saves us time.”
— Kellie Stamp Account Manager & Coach @ Cheer Sport Sharks
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