We moved over to Amilia in 2016 and it is truly life changing. We have 90% of our programs transferred over to the system and our families are loving it. Our Staff have more time to connect and make sure we are giving our parents the customer service they deserve.


Online Cheerleading Registration and Payment

  • Participants can register and pay online anytime, anywhere! 
  • Offer everything online: classes, competition registration, camps, spirit wear and more! 
  • Collect registration fees. 
  • Collect travel fees for competitions.
  • Mobile optimized platform! 

Create Cheerleading Registration Forms

  • Accept waivers online and upload permission slips.
  • Collect personal and medical information, emergency contacts, and more. 
  • Create custom questions such permission to release photos to social media.
  • The information will be saved in your client database.

Skill Management

  • Assign skill levels to participants.
  • Restrict activity access based on skill level assigned.
  • Easily communicate with different skill groups.
  • Track how your particpants are progressing.

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Find out how Amilia helped Cheer Sport Sharks!

Kelli Stamp, Account Manager and Financial Analyst at Cheer Sport Sharks, was using 3 different software solutions to manage 4 locations, 70 employees, and over 900 families. Even with the 3 solutions, Kellie and her team were wasting time manually managing payment configurations and registrations, reconciling inaccurate financial reporting AND the user experience was complicated and confusing for their clients. Find out why Amilia made the squad and how the software has simplified their day-to-day.       
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See what our Clients are Saying!

"We chose Amilia because it was the only system that did everything. It's a life changer in the way it saves us time"
Kellie Stamp
Coach & Account Manager, Cheer Sport Sharks
"Amilia has changed the way we interact with our customers and the way we are able to collect and link information to their accounts."
CJ Pugh
PCT Cheer & Tumble
"Switching from manual registration to the Amilia system was the smartest decision I've ever made. Overall I would highly recommend this software to anyone looking for online registration for any recreational sport or activity."
Nicolas Grimard
Director of Fun, Laws of Motion - Trampoline and Tumbling

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