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Simplify your cheer gym operations with our all-in-one cheerleading software. Easily manage billing, scheduling, attendance, and more, so you and your staff can focus on program development and customer service. Designed for cheerleading clubs and gyms, our software ensures efficiency and growth for your business.

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Take your cheer gym memberships & registrations online with Amilia.

Put your best foot forward with an intuitive registration experience for your families and athletes. Whether it's recreation or All-Star, Amilia equips you with the tools you need to collect and store athlete information, set up payment plans and promote your pro-shop.

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We've Got Your Back

Your success is our success and that's why Amilia provides all the training, technical support and business best practices you need to get the most out of the platform.

Get The Most Out Of Your Athlete Information With Our Powerful CRM Database.

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Take Your Pro Shop Online.

Your Amilia powered Pro-Shop makes it easy for your clients to buy everything from shoes and uniforms to pop sockets and bows while they shop for your classes and activities. Choose whether items are mandatory or suggested for activities like camps and All-Star teams.

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"With the creation of attendance lists, payment tracking, account reporting, automatic discounts, and synchronized calendars, Amilia has become indispensable to our everyday work"
Catia Lopes Owner, Coyotes Center
"We chose Amilia because it was the only system that did everything. It's a life changer in the way it saves us time."
Kellie Stamp Account Manager & Coach @ Cheer Sport Sharks
"Now, when a customer has questions, I only have to take my smartphone out of my pocket and connect to Amilia. I have access to all accounts and I can answer their questions immediately!"
Charles lanoue flyers
Charles Lanoue Owner, Flyers All-Starz

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more help? Contact one of our Solution Advisers.

  • What is the best solution for managing cheerleading registrations and memberships?

    When considering software for managing cheerleading registrations and memberships, it's important to look for platforms that offer intuitive user experiences, robust features, and reliable support. While there are several options available, it's essential to find one that meets the specific needs of your cheerleading club. Look for solutions that streamline the registration process, offer flexible membership management features, and provide comprehensive support for your administrative tasks. Evaluating these factors will help you find the right software solution for your cheerleading club's needs.

  • How can cheerleading software improve class management and scheduling?

    Cheerleading software plays a crucial role in optimizing class management and scheduling processes for cheerleading clubs. Look for platforms that offer features such as customizable class schedules, automated attendance tracking, and easy communication tools. These features can help streamline administrative tasks, improve organization, and enhance the overall experience for both coaches and athletes. By investing in the right cheerleading software, clubs can efficiently manage their classes and schedules, allowing them to focus more on their athletes' development and performance.

  • What features should I look for in cheerleading management software?

    When searching for cheerleading management software, it's essential to consider features that can help streamline operations and improve efficiency. Look for platforms that offer comprehensive solutions for tasks such as registration management, billing and invoicing, communication tools, and athlete data management. Additionally, prioritize platforms that offer flexible customization options to tailor the software to your club's specific needs. By investing in cheerleading management software with these features, clubs can effectively manage their operations while providing a seamless experience for coaches, athletes, and parents alike.

  • Can I manage my private lessons with Amilia?

    Yes! Amilia's flexibility allows you to manage everything from private lessons to drop-in and session-based classes.

  • Can I auto-bill my clients for tuition?

    Sure thing! Amilia's billing options allow you to auto-bill your clients for tuition. Give your clients peace of mind knowing their credit card details are safe and secured.

  • How is Amilia different from the Class Management system I'm currently using?

    First and foremost, Amilia is built with the goal of making your client's online experience as seamless and frictionless as possible. For this to be possible, all the complex business rules involved in a purchase (promotions, attendance tracking, forms, payment, skill tracking) have been automated which gives your staff more time to dedicate to coaching, customer service and other value-add initiatives.