Client Database

Use information to make experiences pleasant

At the heart of excellent customer experience lies the client database – also called CRM system – that allows you to track important information about each participant. No matter where the data came from: registration, participating in activities or a staff note, all information is available in the client database for easy reference. This empowers staff to add a personal touch to each interaction.

Keep your participants safe

Participant safety is top of mind, especially for children who can’t always speak for themselves. A quick search and any participant profile will show up. For groups, clients are sorted according to filters set by you: date of birth, allergies, or medical conditions. Lists are then ready to export as spreadsheets. Staff will have all the information they need to keep everybody safe.

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Ensure classes are always enjoyable

Keep track of skills so that participants will feel among peers in your activities. The skills you assign will show up in the Client Database, but you can also use them to restrict the registration process for activities and drop-ins. Each client can check their skills in their user personal account and see progress over time.

You won’t be alone in maintaining participant details, since each client creates an account themselves and can update information in their user account.

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