Build intelligence into your operations

Running an organization that offers activities is highly complex and it’s hard to know what’s happening at any given time. That's why all data from registrations, staff availability, facility schedule is captured, organized, and made accessible so that everyone can access the information they need. Our reports are all exportable as spreadsheets for further analysis.

Connect more meaningfully with your clients

Empower your staff to easily look up information about specific clients, registration information or the day's schedule. All the information from user accounts, forms, and activities are centralized, updated, and available for easy access.

  • Client Database

    Leverage your data to add a personal touch.

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  • Calendar View

    Looks like a calendar- acts like a planner.

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  • Attendance Tracking

    Take attendance so fast, participants won’t notice.

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Maintain your financial health

From payment to your yearly accounting audits, never lose sight of the path money takes. Drill from batched settlements down to invoices & real-time financial intelligence you need to grow your organization.

Built-in Reconciliations Accounting Reports
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Build your own reports

Organizations with advanced management teams may have developed special techniques around processing financial and operational data. If this is the case with you, we encourage bringing both financial and IT departments together to discuss using our API technology to build a custom solution for exporting your unique reports.

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