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Customize SmartRec to work the way you do.

Connect the apps you love (and the ones you’re about to) directly to SmartRec. So you can run your business your way. Because every business needs a little something different.

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  • App store pick choose

    Pick and choose your apps.

    Our App Store will transform the way you work in Amilia. Get full control to choose the tools & features you need and remove the ones you don’t.

  • App store integration

    Making sure your integrations play nice.

    We’ve done all the legwork to make sure you have peace-of-mind knowing every app works together seamlessly. The result? You get even more out of your Amilia experience, while staying simple as ever.

  • App store categories

    Built to help you discover.

    Categories & search in the App Store make it easy to discover the right apps for whatever you want to do. Need more marketing tools? An extra boost in productivity? We’ve got you covered.

Want to list your app in our App Store?

We don’t blame you! We’ve got some pretty great customers. Developer or publisher? Find out how you can grow your business by teaming up with Amilia.

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