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More than Online Registration. Amilia provides powerful tools to automate registrations and associated administrative work while providing your clients with a premium registration process you can be proud of.

Simplify your billing and payment process

Chasing payments is so 2004. Amilia's flexible payment and billing options do the work for you while offering your clients a frictionless check-out.

  • Credit card and e-check
  • Automated billing
  • Pro-rated payment plans
  • Installment plan
Payment Options
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Your Registrations. Online.

Give both new and existing clients a great client experience from start to finish with a registration process that lets them sign up for your classes or events anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Online Registrations

Effortlessly showcase your online store

Sell your dance studio merchandise, make different apparel items mandatory for different classes and even offer discounts or special promotions on your website, all through your customizable online store.

Registration Cards Process

We've got your back.

Our customer success team is dedicated to your success and provides support and guidance at every step.

Effortlessly track dancer skill progress

Monitor dancer progress and ensure they're registered in a class that suits their skill level. You can also grant registration access based on prerequisites or competencies to ensure every dancer is registered to the right class.

Discover Custom Forms
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Ballet West Montreal

“With almost 500 students, our manual registration process used to be time-consuming and repetitive. All that changed with Amilia and registration periods are no longer a nightmare.”
— Elaine Colbeck Administrative Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more help? Contact one of our Solution Advisers.

  • Can I embed Amilia's online store onto my website?

    Absolutely! Using standard HTML embed codes, you'll have various integration options that take a matter of minutes to set up. If your organization has more complex needs, we can also provide a custom integration process.

  • Am I able to manage both my recreational and competitive programs?

    Our flexible digital hub lets you manage all your programs, classes or sessions, regardless of whether they're purely recreational or for competitive training. You'll be able to fit all your weekly events into one calendar and even generate class lists or track the progress of one specific group through our database.

  • Once my 30-day trial is up, what are the different pricing options?

    If you decide to purchase Amilia following your 30-day free trial, our pricing structure starts at $99/month. There is also a 1% fee for every transaction made on the platform. To get a more detailed pricing assessment for your organization's unique needs, one of our sales managers will be available to assist you.

  • Can I integrate all my dancers' information onto the Amilia platform ?

    Yes! Amilia allows you to easily import all of your dancer information from existing files used by a wide variety of Excel programs. Additionally, once that information is live in your Amilia database, you can always change or update specific fields in a few simple steps.