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Turn your passion into a thriving business with an all-in-one dance studio software solution. Take the stress out of managing your dancer registrations, class schedules, costume management and more. 


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• Make online registration seamless for participants and staff.


• Use customizable forms to collect the data you need.

• Build flexible schedules that work for everyone.

• Provide next-level convenience with multiple online payment options.


• Set up payment installments for your dance programs or classes.


• Offer discounts or promotions at checkout.

• Manage memberships, and update dancer and contract information.

•  Manage all your user accounts in one hub.

• Track and monitor dancer skill progression.

Flexible online dance studio management software

Easily create dance classes or sessions and assign them to a teacher and a studio room using a single online calendar. You'll avoid studio booking conflicts and ensure that everyone's in the right place at the right time.

Take the stress out of billing and payments

Avoid headaches when it comes to your clients paying for dance classes or sessions. Whether it's by credit card, e-check or any other point of sale, you can set up flexible online payment options that include automated installments or pro-rated payment plans.

Simplify your online dance registration

Eliminate long registration wait times and tedious administrative work by letting your dancers sign up for classes online. Regardless of what services you offer, registrations happen instantly, even from a smartphone or mobile device.

Get all the information you need

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Your cloud based dance studio business: accessible anytime, anywhere

Run your dance schools from a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer with a responsive interface. Our online and in-app experience allows you to manage your studio bookings, respond to parent requests and keep track of everything related to your business.

Effortlessly track dancer skill progress

Monitor your participants' progress and ensure they're registered in a class that suits their skill set. You can also grant registration access based on prerequisites or competencies and make every dancer feel right at home in your studio.

First impressions are important - make yours count

The window of time you have to make a great first impression lasts less than a second. Dazzle potential dance studio clients right away and form lasting consumer relationships with our free dance management tips.

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Features built to help you succeed

All the tools you need to keep your organization running smoothly and efficiently, in one easy-to-use software package - that's the Amilia way. Our powerful software features give you the control and management agility you need to grow revenues and take your organization to the next level. Discover what you can do by downloading our features brochure now!

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Can I integrate all my dancers' information onto the Amilia platform ?

Yes! Our application allows you to easily import all of your participant data from existing files used by a wide variety of Excel programs. Additionally, once that information is live in your Amilia database, you can always change or update specific fields in a few simple steps.

Can I embed Amilia's online store onto my website?

Absolutely! Using standard HTML embed codes, you'll have various integration options that take a matter of minutes to set up. If your organization has more complex needs, we can also provide a custom integration process.

Once my 30-day trial is up, what are the different pricing options?

If you decide to purchase Amilia following your 30-day free trial, our pricing structure starts at $99/month. There is also a 1% fee for every transaction made on the platform. To get a more detailed pricing assessment for your organization's unique needs, one of our sales managers will be available to assist you.

Am I able to manage both my recreational and competitive programs?

Our flexible digital hub lets you manage all your programs, classes or sessions, regardless of whether they're purely recreational or for competitive training. You'll be able to fit all your weekly events into one calendar and even generate class lists or track the progress of one specific group through our database.

"From the get go, the support team guided us through the set-up and made sure we were ready for our first registration period. They went above and beyond to ensure we understood the back end of the system and that all of our current customers were transferred over from our former system. Change is always hard, but they made it as painless as possible."

Kyle Shewfelt, Owner, Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics

"We chose Amilia because it was the only system that did everything. It's a life changer in the way it saves us time"

Kellie Stamp, Coach & Account Manager At Cheer Sport Sharks

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