Online Facility Bookings

Let clients book facilities online

Save time by minimizing bookings done in person or on the phone. Make facility bookings available online to get the most use out of your space. Convenience for your clients, additional revenue for your organization!

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Online bookings

Selling facility bookings online is flexible and simple.

Decide whether you want to sell hourly, block, or overnight bookings and set up thresholds for minimum or maximum booking durations allowed. You can also link forms, add buffers, assign staff, and configure payment methods you wish to accept.

We even offer a public calendar – a filtered version of your facilities calendar – that your clients can view on your website and submit special facility reservation requests for approval.

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Benefits of selling facility bookings online

  • Turn available space into an additional revenue stream.

  • Minimize bookings done in person or through phone calls.

  • Automate facility scheduling and prevent double-bookings.

  • Save time and money previously spent on repetitive administrative tasks.


Create and amend contracts, track changes, and email clients for contract approval with ease.

Our facilities calendar syncs facilities, activities, and rental contracts in real-time so that booking information is always accurate and up to date. This creates an automated facility rental mechanism so that your clients can rent available facilities on their own.

Admin bookings

Let your staff make bookings on behalf of clients directly in the facility calendar.

Make a one-off or recurring booking, assign staff, manage conflicts, and issue invoices to clients in just a few clicks.

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