Say goodbye to paper registration forms and manual data entry.

Our configurable forms allow you to create fresh templates and link them to your programs and activities. You can also gather information specific to your class, activity or organization, ensuring that all staff have the information they need. All details from our configurable forms and waivers go into the Client Database, where you can easily export them.

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Configurable Registration Forms

Need to gather crucial information about your customers during registration? SmartRec allows you to create configurable forms for each of your programs, activities and memberships.

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Collect all the information you need.

Add up to 250 questions to collect important info about health, medical needs, qualifications, travel details and more. You'll have the ability to make certain questions mandatory or optional. The best part? Everything is online, so you'll never have to manually transfer any client details from one place to another. Anything you collect will appear in the client database in real-time and will be available to whoever needs it - your clients won’t need to keep resubmitting the same form over and over again!

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Waivers and other Permissions

To limit the risk of liability and to “cover all your bases”, we understand how important it is to have waivers and permission slips. We also know it can be a pain to collect them and keep track of them. By including waivers and permission slips as part of the registration process, you’ll always have the right file accessible online at any time.

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Exporting information

The information you collect through our online forms is a valuable resource that can greatly benefit your business operations after registration periods end. Through SmartRec, you can organize your participant data with category filters to be able to track down and find important information quickly and easily in the future. Everything is stored in the client database and easily exportable or printable should you need.