Accounting Reports

Real-time financial intelligence you need to grow your organization.

Transform the way you plan, budget, and report with SmartRec. All revenue-generating activities or merchandise are built around General Ledger (GL) codes to help you stay on top of your revenue and cost figures with the utmost detail. Built-in reporting and reconciliation functions give you a complete view of your organization’s financial activity, allowing you to save time and see important data wherever and whenever you need to.

Accessing financial data should be simple!

  • We empower your whole team by simplifying how you access the data you need. 
  • Our reports are viewed in a user-friendly interface and are easily exported to Excel. 
  • We give you the ability to integrate with external tools to build your own reports and pull the specific data you need.

Streamline workflows between registrations, payment, and financial accounting.

Your records immediately update with every transaction, so you know where you’re at and where you're going with each individual activity and every participant enrolled. Online payment processing allows SmartRec to automatically reconcile customer payments with outstanding account balances. This real-time financial automation can transform the way you process and track financial information (and will save countless hours of your team’s time)!

Track 1 dashboard feature 2x
  • View and monitor payment status.

    Know what has been paid and what is still outstanding. With SmartRec, you can link any balance or payment to one or more items on an invoice. Everything can be tracked down to the activity and the individual customer.

  • Use with existing financial software.

    SmartRec can be used to generate the numbers you need to feed into your existing financial systems. Everything exports to Excel, making it easy to capture the information you need to power any ancillary online accounting software you may use, such as QuickBooks.