Access Management

It’s more than just access control.

Our solution helps with overall facility management. Manage facilities and eliminate bottlenecks at entrances without compromising on time, safety, or client experience.

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Access Management

Configure access points for every facility entrance and decide which activities, memberships, or multipasses can be used to enter the space. You can even set up notifications for when someone with unpaid balances checks in or even block entry if necessary. Our access management solution also allows organizations to easily track attendance and manage pick-ups and drop-offs for minors while enabling communication between front desk staff, instructors, and facility supervisors.

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Benefits of managing access & facilities with SmartRec

  • Manage all facilities from a single interface.

  • Eliminate bottlenecks at facility entrances.

  • Fully or partially automate access management with self-check-ins

  • View key client info such as authorized pick-ups and unpaid balances at a glance.

  • Process check-ins & check-outs.

  • Track attendance in just a few clicks.

Self-serve entry

Self-serve entry is a game-changer for front desk staff as it really streamlines operations and enhances efficiency; overall it makes things smoother!

  • Timesaving: Reduce the amount of time front desk staff spend on manual check-ins. Instead of handling each visitor individually, staff members can devote their attention to other responsibilities.
  • Minimized wait times: Expedite the check-in process and reduce wait times at the front desk. Visitors can quickly scan their membership cards to gain entry, eliminating the need for staff intervention unless necessary.
  • Enhanced visitor experience: Enhance your overall visitor experience. Self-serve entry provides a sense of independence and convenience which can lead to higher visitor satisfaction and a positive perception of your organization.
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  • Protecting people

    First and foremost, protecting people is the goal in access control. Measures like locks, security gates, or key card systems are there to make sure that only the right people get into restricted areas.

  • Regulating visitor access

    Organizations often receive visitors; implementing access control measures allows you to monitor and regulate visitor access. Keep track of who enters the premises, and maintain visitor records.

  • Preventing Theft and Vandalism

    By controlling who can go where, access control lowers the chances of theft, break-ins, or vandalism. It stops people from getting into places where they shouldn’t be.


Time and Attendance Management

Attendance tracking is a breeze; no more manually updating attendance sheets; it’s all done for you. 

Resource allocation

Front desk staff can focus on tasks that require human interaction, such as providing information, addressing concerns, or handling specific requests, rather than being tied up with routine check-in processes. 

Flexibility and Scalability

The automation of access control systems offers flexibility - you can easily grant or revoke access rights for individuals, adapting to changing needs. These systems are scalable, making it simple to expand or modify access control across different locations or as the organization grows.

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Meet our partners

Looking for something more? You have options: utilize our access management solution directly in Amilia or leverage either of our access control integrations, Avigilon Alta and Hartmann Controls.

Avigilon Alta integration

Experience unparalleled access control for your customers with the integration of Amilia and Avigilon Alta. Control access of your recreation facilities for memberships and activities seamlessly and easily like never before.

Hartmann integration

Our complete product line ensures you have the right equipment for the job. Whether you need to secure a single door or an entire building, Hartmann has the tools to support you in achieving your security goals. With a wide range of products and solutions, you can trust that Hartmann has the expertise to help you find the perfect fit for all your needs.

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