Access Management

Ensure a free flow of clients in and out of facilities

Manage facilities and eliminate bottlenecks at entrances without compromising on time, safety, or client experience.

Facility Management

Set up your facilities and choose whether you want them to be linked to online facility bookings in minutes. You can also create facility setup options, customize booking types, and set up per day, per hour, or flat fee price schedules all in one place. Need to cancel a booking or close a facility for the day? No problem. Do so directly from the facility calendar, email affected clients, and even issue credit memos without breaking a sweat.

Access Management

Configure access points for every facility entrance and decide which activities, memberships, or multipasses can be used to enter the space. You can even set up notifications for when someone with unpaid balances checks in or even block entry if necessary. Our access management solution also allows organizations to easily track attendance and manage pick-ups and drop-offs for minors while enabling communication between front desk staff, instructors, and facility supervisors.


Have several big facilities to manage or not enough resources? Setting up kiosks at entrances can help you either fully or partially automate access management. Let clients access your facilities with ease and flexibility by simply scanning their Amilia ID without the need to interact with a staff member. They can even show up at the facility and drop into an available class by registering on the spot using the kiosk.

Kiosk in circle access management self check in more padding

Benefits of managing facilities & access with SmartRec

  • Manage all facilities from a single interface.

  • Eliminate bottlenecks at facility entrances.

  • Fully or partially automate access management with self-check-ins

  • View key client info such as authorized pick-ups and unpaid balances at a glance.

  • Process check-ins, check-outs, and track attendance in just a few clicks.