We are Amilia. We are on a mission to bring eCommerce to the world of activities.

We believe that offering and signing up for activities should be as easy as buying a book online.

Our Values

They are meaningful to us; they represent our identity, they determine our principles and our approach to work, they reflect our vibrant community, they allow us to make Amilia's growth happen.

  1. Innovation
  2. Collaboration
  3. Ambition
  4. Respect
  5. Engagement

Innovation is the core of our business. It drives all Amilians to continuously improve our products and bring new and creative solutions for our customers.


Collaboration is what brings Amilians together. It allows us to achieve even more by combining our skills, expertise and ideas to reach our goals.


Ambition is what drives Amilians to reach new heights, overcome challenges, and strive for excellence. It propels us towards our collective goals and vision for the future.


Respect is the foundation that allows Amilians to feel valued, heard, and appreciated. It brings us to understand and embrace everyone’s uniqueness, qualities and differences that make us who we are.


Engagement is the fuel that drives our teams to move forward in the same direction. Our embedded and vibrant culture helps Amilians bring their best self every day.

Our Mission

To lead the digital transformation of communities by enabling them to leverage the benefits of eCommerce.

The Team