Facility Management

Optimize how you use your facilities

Juggling multiple software and worrying about compatibility is a thing of the past. Do everything from managing schedules & conflicts, offering rentals, managing staff permissions, client access, and more – under one roof. Save both time and money.

Manage schedules and eliminate conflicts

Our facility calendar makes managing facility schedules easier than ever. Manage all facilities through a single interface while keeping rentals, reservations, and maintenance blocks in mind. Spot and prevent conflicts in just a few clicks and always know who is using your space.

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Manage Facility 2x
  • Access Management

    Eliminate bottlenecks at entrances without compromising on time, safety, or client experience.

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  • Facility Bookings

    Make facility bookings available online to get the most use out of your space.

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  • Calendars

    Avoid headaches and stay organized with the facility and staff calendars.

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Same capacity – more revenue

Subdivide larger facilities to enable clients to book parts of the whole through online facility bookings and reservation requests to generate additional revenue for your organization. Offer facility rentals as well as hourly, block, and overnight bookings to make the most of your space.

Control who can access your facilities

Ensure a free flow of clients in and out of facilities by defining access parameters at each point of entry. Eliminate bottlenecks at entrances by facilitating self-check-ins. Manage authorized pick-ups, attendance, and more in just a few clicks.

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