CRM Database

Amilia's student management system software centralizes all your familiy and student data: emergency contacts, medical information, purchase history, skills, etc. Pull customized attendance lists or view individual student profiles that are always complete and up-to-date.

Online Payment

Amilia's school registration software comes with online payment and gives you flexible payments options so you can choose how you get paid: by credit or direct debit, pro-rated payments or multiple installment payment options, or by check or cash.

Course Registration

Easily manage your class schedules using our course registration software. Our intuitive drop-in interface will help you plan out your schedule and let your clients register for group or individual classes anytime, anywhere and from any device.

School Database Software 

Using Amilia's custom forms, after school program directors can keep every child's information in one secure place. No more misplacing physical forms or worrying about gaps in a registration profile. From medical history to dietary restrictions to emergency contact information, have every participant's details at your fingertips, even on a smartphone or tablet.
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How Amilia Has Helped Other Kids After School Programs

Zach, Co-director at Parts and Crafts, needed a software that added value to Parts and Crafts and didn't want multiple solutions to get the job done. Find out why Zach decided Amilia was the right fit and how the after school program management software has helped Parts & Crafts simplify their operations so they could get back to doing what they love - empowering kids in their community.
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"Implementing Amilia simplified our administrative operations and allows our clients to register for their favorite activities from the comfort of their homes"
Catherine Faille
Director, Sports Montreal
"For an organization that promotes the most advanced sciences, it was contradictory for us to ask our participants to register for our activities using paper forms. Amilia simplified and automated many of our administrative tasks"
Julie Provençal
Cultural Activities Co-ordinator, Cosmodome
"Amilia has been a great help to us, helping boost revenue and making our lives easier with its features. One of the great things about them is they listen to their clients and try to integrate our suggestions and needs into each update. Highly recommend for recreation programs"
Christopher Kearney
Recreation Co-ordinator, Town of Montreal West

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