Social Equity

Build socially equitable communities

Leverage our cost-of-service expertise and social equity tools to align financial responsibility with your community mandate.

Social Equity

Make social equity a core part of recreation management.

Boost community engagement with segmentation

Use a range of segmentation apps to segment your community to improve engagement in underserved pockets. Offer benefits beyond resident / visitor pricing.

Offer targeted benefits & financial assistance to residents

Choose from a host of discount types, scholarship funds, and fundraising options to meet the diverse needs of your community members.

Amilia Social Equity 1

Financial Sustainability

Make responsible financial decisions for your agency.

Align finances with your social mandate

Ensure your decisions align with your objectives and course-correct when they don’t. Compare the ideal subsidy levels to calculated ones and analyze performance with the Cost of Service tool.

Leverage our visualization tools & resources

Our visualization tool clearly demonstrates the performance of programs and services and helps you be an advocate for your offerings. Leverage these insights to strategically allocate funds and ensure the recovery of costs so that you can achieve your community goals.

Become more financially sustainable

Implement your cost recovery strategy to become more fiscally independent. Create a self-reliant financial model that helps you meet your community goals with or without budgetary support.

Amilia Social Equity 2

This solution consists of

  • Segmentation tools

    Offer targeted benefits to various community segments that go beyond resident vs non-resident pricing.

  • Discounts

    Drive activity participation and revenue and meet the diverse needs of your community with discounts.

  • Scholarships

    Offer financial assistance to low-income community segments with online, self-serve scholarships.

  • Fundraising

    Raise funds for the causes you want to support by including donation prompts in store checkouts.

  • Reporting & analytics

    Derive intelligent insights about your resident activity and agency performance.