7 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Adopting New Technology

Posted on 3/20/19 9:00 AM by Matt Fish

Software and apps for our mobile devices have become essential components in our everyday lives. Despite some discomfort during implementation, adopting digital tools helps managers and staff members communicate, collaborate and deliver the best possible customer experience.

Discover how you can conquer the fear of adopting new technology:

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How to Know Which Social Media Account is Right for Your Sports Team

Posted on 3/13/19 9:00 AM by Kiana Foote

Social media accounts are more than just places to upload pictures of your food, pets or lattes. They’re powerful tools that help create a sense of community among like-minded individuals and your sports team is no different.

Discover how your sports team can start an effective social media presence:

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Girl Boss: Developing Female Leadership in Our Sport

Posted on 3/8/19 2:15 PM by Lisa Aucoin


This article is written by Lisa Aucoin, Owner and CEO of Spring CDT. Spring CDT is a cheer, dance & tumbling, and international instructional cheerleading company that teaches scholastic, collegiate and all-star cheerleading teams in over 42 countries worldwide. For more information about our partnership, click here. 

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9 Simple Ways to Use Your Time Efficiently as a CEO

Posted on 3/6/19 9:00 AM by Francois Gaouette

The lives of all CEOs, business owners, managers and entrepreneurs are getting increasingly busy. On one hand, it’s a good thing - increased revenue and marketplace visibility are always pluses. However, with that kind of growth comes a much longer daily to-do list – one that you must manage proficiently.

Discover my keys to using your time efficiently as a CEO:

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6 Ways to Upgrade Your Gym’s Customer Experience with Card on File

Posted on 2/26/19 11:37 AM by Natalie Timperio

Consider the way businesses operated before credit cards. Chances are you can’t—but before the 1950s, many businesses did just that. In fact, it was fairly common practice to allow customers to keep tabs, which they would (hopefully) pay back later. To keep track of these tabs, merchants would use ledgers. Needless to say, the process was tedious at best. Imagine if you had to flip through the pages of a ledger book to access a customer’s records simply to add that $19.99.

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We Asked, You Answered: Our User Survey Results

Posted on 2/20/19 5:32 PM by Natalie Timperio

At Amilia, we’re about more than building great software—we’re about building a great relationship with you. In fact, we wouldn’t be where we are today without you. It’s for this very reason we decided to take to the proverbial streets to get feedback from our current customers.

Read more about our new user survey results:

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Top 15 Business Podcasts You Need to Listen To (And Learn From)

Posted on 2/20/19 9:00 AM by Ashley Wood

Podcasts have been progressively growing their popularity over the past 10 years, with 44% of Americans (about 124 million people) listening to at least one online show. Podcasts are also a great place to increase your knowledge about the world of business and entrepreneurship. The best part: Most podcasts episodes are free to stream, download and share.

Discover our picks for the 15 podcasts that every business professional should listen to:

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13 Important Books That Every Entrepreneur Needs to Read

Posted on 2/13/19 9:00 AM by Alexandre Gauthier

Many of the world’s most savvy business professionals have one thing in common: they read. A lot.

Just ask someone like Mark Cuban. Perhaps best known as the colorful owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and one of the familiar faces on the hit TV show “Shark Tank,” the billionaire revealed on his blog that he still reads “more than three hours almost every day.”

Discover my picks for the best business books on the market right now:

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23 Big Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring Instructors

Posted on 2/6/19 9:00 AM by Matt Fish

Hiring the right coaches, trainers and/or instructors is a critical part of the success of any recreation organization. You need knowledgeable, hard-working and caring staff members to ensure that all participants realize their long-term fitness goals – and it all starts with asking the right questions.

Discover the big interview questions you should be asking before hiring an instructor:

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How to Write Blog Posts that Will Boost Your Web Traffic

Posted on 1/30/19 9:00 AM by Matt Fish

Anyone who’s ever tried to write blog posts that funnel lots of organic traffic to your site knows how hard it can be. With over 150 million blogs on the internet, how do you make yours stand out and win those valuable clicks? Luckily, consistently standing out in a crowd that dense is easier than it sounds.

Discover how to write blog posts that will boost your web traffic:

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