Camp Registration Software

More than camp registration software. Amilia combines online registration and e-commerce, to create a seamless user experience that allows you to do more while managing less. It's the camp management solution you've been waiting for.

Your Camper Information At Your Fingertips.

Take the guesswork of collecting important camper information with our fully-customizable online forms. From emergency contacts to medical specifications to permission slips and even photo ID, all your camper information accessible in just a few clicks.

Custom Forms
Crm Cards

Everyone At The Right Place at The Right Time.

Our flexible scheduling modules ensure that everyone from campers to counsellors are in the right place at the right time. Assign your staff to facilities and schedules along with all the equipment they need.


Payment Options That Fit Your Needs.

Whether it's installment plans or promotions, Amilia's flexible payment options give you the ability to tailor your payment plans to your unique needs.

  • Credit Card & Echeck
  • Installment Plans
  • Over 15 promotion types
  • Pro-rated payment options.
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Camp Mariste

“Amilia is an intuitive platform that helps us grow our registrations. Our summer staff have never had an easier time managing operations.”
— Frédéric Dyotte Director of Operations

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I import my camper Information from my current system?

    Yes! Our solution allows you to easily import all of your participant data from existing files used by a wide variety of Excel programs. Additionally, once that information is live in your Amilia database, you can always change or update specific fields in a few simple steps.

  • Can I set permissions for my staff?

    Yes! Amilia offers a multitude of admin access levels so you can make sure everyone only had access to the information relevant to them.

  • I have a lot of Part-time staff members. Can I manage staff scheduling?

    Yes! In addition to creating your schedules, you can tag each employee based on things like training, certifications etc so you can assign the right employee to the right activity and time-slot. Using the staff application, your employees can check their schedules and submit their availabilities.