7 Ways Amilia Can Take Your Gymnastics Club to the Next Level

Our year-over-year growth numbers continue to blossom, which means it’s never been a better time to join our recreation revolution.

Pallavi Borkar
Pallavi Borkar
April 28, 2019 7 min read

With over 30,000 activities, 1,135 programs, 138 organizations and 602 industry administrators currently active on the Amilia platform, it’s safe to say that our software is taking the world of gymnastics by storm. Our year-over-year growth numbers continue to blossom, which means it’s never been a better time to join our recreation revolution.

Each of our core individual features works together to help build a centralized hub for each of our clients. Whether you’re looking to move your registration process online for the first time or optimize and refine your current digital processes, Amilia’s software solution has been built with you in mind. Furthermore, our customizable forms and waitlist functionality makes managing a busy gymnastics business easier than ever before.

Here are the areas in which Amilia can make the biggest difference for your gym club:

Online Registration

If your gymnastics club is still relying on a pen-and-paper sign-up process, then 2018 is definitely the year you should move your registration online. Not only are you bringing added convenience to the table for staff members and participants alike but, as a gym club owner or manager, you’ll have a much easier time organizing user data once registration has closed.

Worried about the potential fallibility of a digital system during peak registration time? Don’t be. Our 99.99 percent uptime rate, a number that soars above industry standards, ensures that all registration information will accurately update in real-time.

Fully Flexible Scheduling

When you’ve got hundreds of athletes and staff members sorted into multiple different classes or activity sessions, making sure that everything runs smoothly is of the utmost importance. Amilia’s Fully Flexible Scheduling module helps you set up a schedule that works for everyone while also avoiding the frustration that comes with a lack of clarity or dreaded timeslot conflicts.

You can also manage schedules for sessions, drop-ins, and camps within our platform, ensuring that they seamlessly co-exist with your recurring classes or activities. If any last-minute changes to a timeslot or venue occur, you can notify the families and staff members who need to be in the know right away using our intuitive communication tools.

Customizable Forms

To properly schedule classes or sort your athletes into groups after the online registration period has closed, you’re going to need the right data from families. That’s where are customizable forms have become a game-changer in the industry.

You can make certain fields mandatory or not and even collect photo ID if needed. Further to that, you can also use all these participant details to create customized attendance lists in Amilia. Say goodbye to informational gaps at your gym club and keep your classes organized with forms that bend over backward for you.

Online Payments

It goes without saying that being able to accept online payments is a must for any business looking to grow in our digital-first culture. Thanks to our full integration with our payment processing partner, Amilia allows you to provide your gymnastics clients a smooth, familiar checkout experience.

Set up flexible payment installments for added customer convenience and track purchase information that is updated in real-time, giving you the ability to follow every step of any transaction. You can also offer special online discounts through your Online Store and even process refunds, two advantages that you won’t find in other software options on the market.


Got classes that fill up fast? Instead of turning potential customers away, offer them a spot on one of our waitlists. Our robust Back Office database allows gymnastics club owners to make quick, simple class list addition should a spot open up for someone. You can also better plan for upcoming classes and registration periods by pinpointing specific information about a given session.

Even if parents are waiting for a spot in a popular class to become available, you can still make them recipients of your marketing material and get them excited about the other great products and services you offer the community.

Customer Support That Really Cares

No one likes waiting on hold for what feels like forever, trying to reach a customer care agent who can help find a solution to a specific problem. Worse still is when you finally get a representative on the phone and they pay you lip service instead of resolving the issue.

At Amilia, we take pride in going the extra mile for each of our clients. Our Customer Success team make themselves available for any questions you might have. They also ensure that your onboarding process with our software goes smoothly and that you’re able to get your business up and running with the platform in no time.

Striving for Your Success

Helping your organization grow while also growing with your evolving business needs – this mantra is at the heart of everything Amilia does. Your success is always our priority, which means every department at our company has a hand in designing a software that you’ll love.

No one wants to be bogged down with a list of seemingly endless administrative tasks. Our online software solution can change all that, giving you the power to automate important parts of your day-to-day with accuracy and speed, leaving you more time to focus on what really matters: your love of gymnastics and your passion for delivering an outstanding customer experience.

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