Patrons, staff, and facilities synchronized swimmingly: How Triangle Aquatic Center increased their revenue 65% YoY

TAC grew 65% YoY by developing a new revenue stream: private lessons

Tatiana Crisan
Tatiana Crisan
December 15, 2021 4 min read

As the nation’s largest privately funded non-profit swim facility, Triangle Aquatic Center (TAC) answers to their community’s aquatic needs - accessible swimming activities, events, and training. In only two years with Amilia their revenues grew 65% YoY all while reducing burdens on staff and empowering their patrons to self-serve.

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Aquatics, in service of the community

TAC was founded in 2002 with the ambitious mission to provide for the health, safety, recreational, and competitive needs of their local community. TAC runs the largest non-profit public aquatic facility in the country (without tax funding or subsidies), boasting 72,000 sq. ft., 3 swimming pools, spectator seating for 1000 people, a cafe, fitness area, multi-purpose room, and a swim gear shop.

Elisa Huger has been working with TAC since 2016 and currently serves as the Associate Director of Administration. She is primarily responsible for customer service, ensuring that customers have the best experience, and that staff are equipped with the right information to help.

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From printed sheets to iPads

Prior to using Amilia, Elisa felt their old solution was letting everyone down. “It wasn't user-friendly for parents to register for classes with us,” she says. Furthermore, she had to jump through hoops to give her team visibility over their schedule “We were printing Excel spreadsheets every day so that our staff knew what was going on in each of our pools.”

Luckily for Elisa and her staff, TAC decided to switch to Amilia, and printed spreadsheets became a distant memory. “We've actually installed iPads at each of our pools. We have three pools right now, and our lifeguards can easily access the calendar to see what's going on in their pool at specific times or who's assigned to which lane."

The most useful view, the facility calendar with a drop-down menu of each facility.

Learn more about Calendar Management here.

Perfectly in sync with interconnected calendars

Getting organized doesn't have to be a time-consuming task. Each pool, (and their respective lanes), media rooms, and facility has its own calendar, that can be linked to activities. Elisa explains how she saves time “The calendar is a lot better than our previous solution- If the same activity or rental is available every day, I just copy it across multiple days. Staff can key in their own availability through the Amilia app and keep their schedule updated without the back-and-forth.

Booking facilities is easiest from the calendar view.

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65% YoY revenue growth, without burdening staff

Keeping everyone organized and informed creates opportunity for additional revenue. In the past year, TAC has automated private lessons in their online store. While not a new service, Elisa recalls a time when it was complicated “It used to be a three-step process and now it’s just one step. Once staff input their schedule, our families can visit the website to see which instructors are available and easily sign up for private lessons.”

TAC Graph Private lessons automation is the main contributer to 65 Yo Y growth

TAC and Amilia continue to innovate and grow together

TAC grew 65% YoY by developing a new revenue stream: private lessons, which makes use of the interconnected calendars that keep everyone organized and allow their clients to self-serve online. TAC makes the most of Amilia technology by being curious about the ways they can improve their service.