Together to Help Your Sport Organization

As a team, Privit and Amilia are dedicated to providing sport organizations an easy online registration software and online health data management process.

Privit is a compliant health management software company, trusted by hundreds of camps, schools, sports organizations and associations across North America. Amilia provides a best-in-class user experience as a leader in recreation management software, all while enabling organizations to transform their operations. Amilia is trusted by over 1,000 organizations.

The integration between Privit and Amilia offers you the possibility to optimize data management related to the health details of your participants all while safely storing your data and accessing one platform, Amilia.

The integration between Amilia and Privit allows your organization to:

  • Follow-up on injuries and record incidences in real-time
  • Store participants information securely
  • Track medical records
  • Use electronic signature for waivers and release forms
  • Auto-populate your participant's information directly from Amilia to Privit
  • Perform each task on any device
"Collaborating with Amilia made it simple for Privit to execute and put development plans into action. This created an efficient working relationship and allowed for a seamless integration between both platforms. Amilia’s team provides the support and assurance for a successful partnership."
Rusell Goodwin
CEO, Privit

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