Boost client retention with memberships

Our platform makes selling and managing memberships stress-free. Set up memberships in a way that works for you and your clients – from annual memberships to punch passes, one-time payments to recurring ones, you can do it all.

Flexible configuration

Create and sell memberships of any length of time to individuals or families. Set up memberships with one-time payments, monthly subscriptions, and even installment plans to offer your clients the flexibility they desire.

You can even restrict membership purchase based on age, gender, or skill level and link the membership to specific activities, merchandise, or community segments in your online store. Want to create a branded experience? Use our template or upload your own to create and print membership cards for your clients.

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Offer multipasses

Set up multipasses (also called punch passes) for individuals or families and link them to the activities that you want to offer as drop-ins. This means your clients can purchase a single occurrence instead of the entire session and even show up at the facility to register for a drop-in on the spot.

Want to give your clients access to the gym or the pool? Sell open access multipasses that link to specific facilities instead of activities. Our platform tracks every time a multipass is used and deducts it from the total, so you and your clients know how many passes they have left.

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Benefits of selling memberships online with SmartRec

  • Leverage upsell opportunities to generate additional revenue.

  • Save time by automating membership management tasks such as payments and renewals.

  • Foster loyalty by offering members exclusive offers and benefits.

  • Use memberships to manage and track access to facilities.