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How SmartRec Helped Consolidate Three Different Software Solutions

More online registrations SmartRec transformed the Cheer Sport Sharks’ online registration helped increase participation.

More time saved While increasing registrations, it also drastically cut down the amount of time and effort customers spent enrolling in programs and activities.

“We chose Amilia because it was the only system that did everything. It's a life changer in the way it saves us time.”
Kellie Stamp Account Manager & Coach @ Cheer Sport Sharks
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About Cheer Sport Sharks


Cheer Sport Sharks offers a fun, friendly atmosphere in over 4 locations across Canada.


They have over 70 instructors and staff that are dedicated to supporting their cheer community.

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Kellie Stamp was looking for gym management software that could handle everything from private lessons to their pro-shop across Cheer Sport Sharks' 4 locations.

For over 7 years, Cheer Sport Sharks was using 3 different software solutions to manage their pro-shop, private and semi-private lessons, competitive and recreational programs. With Amilia they were able to:

  • Reduce administrative time
  • Improve their online customer experience
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Achieve accurate financial reporting

The Story

Cheer Sport Sharks offers a fun, friendly atmosphere with a wide range of cheerleading programs for athletes of all ages and skill levels in four Ontario locations: Cambridge, Ancaster, Ottawa and Milton. With countless national and international titles, including two World Championships under their belt, Cheer Sport Sharks needed their software that knew how to win as well as they did.

Cheer Sport Sharks’ world-class instructors and staff are dedicated to supporting their cheer community; from recreational and novice cheer participants to advanced competitive cheer athletes. Each staff member brings a wealth of experience and passion for their cheer teams, which makes the Cheer Sport Sharks a strong, tight-knit family.

Kellie Stamp has been at Cheer Sport Sharks for 14 years, first as a client and now as a coach, account manager and financial analyst. Before Amilia she was juggling 3 different solutions to manage 4 locations across Canada, over 70 employees and 900 families.

The Challenge

The staff and coaches have worked hard to make Cheer Sport Sharks into what it is today. In addition to offering recreational programs for all levels, they offer camps, birthday parties, gym rentals, private & semi-private lessons and of course, their competitive program. The challenge with operating such a complex and developed operation is that none of the software solutions they looked at could keep up and meet all their needs. They had outgrown their existing software solution.

In order to meet all of Kellie’s requirements, Cheer Sport Sharks was using two systems: one for their private & semi-private lessons and one for their competitive and recreational programs. Even with all these programs, Kellie and the rest of the team faced numerous challenges like: time wasted on manually managing payment configurations and registrations, inaccurate financial reporting and a complicated registration experience for their clients.

The Solution

After hearing Amilia speak at a conference in Toronto, Kellie reached out to Amilia and started her 30-day free trial. During the free trial, Kellie was able to build programs and test out features, such as Amilia’s online store.

Amilia’s online store makes it easier for customers to find and purchase activities as well as merchandise. The best part? Customers can add multiple items to their cart so they only need to checkout once.

Knowing this, Kellie immediately set up merchandise for purchase in her online store. She also set up some installment configurations to offer Cheer Sport Sharks’ customers an easy, automated way to pay over time. What’s more, Kellie also created promotions to help her loyal customers save on registration fees.

Since Cheer Sport Sharks has over 70 employees, Kellie asked staff members to test out the software and give their feedback. After a product demo, some development discussions and involvement from everyone from coaches to the club owners, the votes were in—Amilia made the squad!

Finally, a software that could manage their private and semi-private lessons, camps, competitive and recreational programs, birthday parties and even their staff & facility scheduling for each location in one centralized location. The catch? There was none.

Amilia allows Cheer Sport Sharks to manage all their offerings in one mobile-friendly platform. This means no more merging financial reports from three systems that don’t balance. More importantly, it means a smooth registration and shopping experience from start to finish for their clients.

If you are interested to learn how SmartRec could help you and your organization succeed like it helped Cheer Sport Sharks, just reach out to our team. We would be happy to discuss it with you!