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How Grapevine achieved an 89% increase in monthly online revenue with better tech.

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225k Transactions Grapevine has processed over 225k transactions with Amilia in 5 years.

$10.6M Net revenue In the last 5 years, over $10.6M has been processed on the platform.

+89% in Monthly revenue Since 2019, the average monthly online revenue has increased by 89%.

“After my email, Amilia is the first thing I open and I have three tabs up at all times – facility calendar activities, and clients. I use Amillia for almost everything so it is a huge aspect of my day”
Stephanie Frank Fitness Coordinator, Grapevine Texas
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Grapevine overview


Residents proudly served


Sports complexes (one being a 110,000 sq. ft recreation center with an indoor aquatic facility)


Parks (both outdoor and indoor)

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About Grapevine Parks & Recreation

Grapevine Parks and Recreation proudly serves 54,000+ residents, offering more programs than any other comparable North Texas city. They aim to empower citizens to learn, discover and build a stronger community through their programming, facilities, and parkland. Their portfolio includes: 2,860 acres of land, 53 parks, 32 playgrounds, and 5 sports complexes (one being a 110, 000 sq. ft recreation center with an indoor aquatic facility). They host fitness classes, martial arts, special interests, outdoor sports, fine arts, dance, and summer camps.

Grapevine’s Challenges

  • Their registration site was very difficult to understand and navigate; only 8-10% of registrations were done online.
  • Low registration numbers despite offering several different ways to sign up (online, in person, via phone).
  • The challenges with registrations was using up valuable staff time on repetitive and time consuming tasks.

SmartRec’s Solution

  • We integrated the registration system into the Grapevine website, creating a seamless online registration experience for users.
  • SmartRec’s platform is intuitive, mobile-friendly, and accessible, but most importantly it’s easy to use – making it effortless for Grapevine’s community to engage with their offerings.
Grapevine Challenges Features

When being online isn’t enough

After using the same solution for 23 years, they had built an excellent relationship with their provider. However, no matter how much time they invested in fixes to their platform, the community wasn’t registering online for the department’s services.

“We were always hanging around the 8- 10% range of all the registrations that we bring in online versus in-person (or on the phone) and we were never able to bump that up”, explains Chris Smith, Deputy Director of Grapevine Parks and Recreation.

Grapevine growth stats showing how they grew thanks to the Smartrec software with online registration and so much more.

Grapevine's Marketing Manager, Amanda Rodriguez, knew part of the problem stemmed from the website: “We had our main website that was being marketed and then we also had our registration site, and the two sites weren't very integrated.” She was worried about the complexity of their online platform at the time: “Even for someone who is tech savvy it was very difficult to understand and navigate. I can only imagine what it was like for most of our residents.”

Searching for solutions off-the-beaten-path

Grapevine realized that being online was not enough, they needed to create an enticing online experience for their residents. To be customer-centric, they required an interface that was easy to use, had intuitive functionality and a modern look. They searched the market for alternative solutions and designed their RFP around the customer experience criteria. After interviewing and shortlisting 10, 6 and finally 3 platforms, they ended up picking SmartRec, which at the time was a new solution for the parks and recreation industry.

Amanda was closely involved in the RFP process and her main concern was: “to ensure we could integrate [the registration system into the Grapevine website] in such a way that our users would have a seamless online registration experience.” She achieved this by embedding iFrames directly into the website. “It’s something that brought the ease of our registration to another level!”

Freeing up staff time through automation

The shift from offline to online registration has improved his staff’s ability to adapt to new conditions. Having SmartRec, as the online platform and allowing residents to register online has freed up a lot of staff hours. Now staff are able to devote their time to doing more to engage the community.

Bringing better tech to P&R

Nearly 5 years later, Grapevine Parks and Rec have processed almost 225k transactions and over $10.6M in net revenue in the platform. This represents a steady 89% increase in monthly revenue since 2019. Plus, they were able to spend the time once dedicated to managing registrations on what really matters to them: making a difference in their community.

If you are interested to learn how SmartRec could help you and your organization succeed like it helped Grapevine Parks & Rec, just reach out to our team. We would be happy to discuss it with you!