How To Choose Software for Your Dance Studio

14 features & functions dance studio owners said they can’t live without!

Alanna Crochetiere
Alanna Crochetiere
April 24, 2023 2 min read

As a dance studio owner or manager, you wear a lot of hats. You’re a coach, maybe a psychologist for your students, an entrepreneur, customer service aficionado, an accountant and even an event planner, just to name a few!

All that to say, IT processes and continually improving your business procedures represents just a small area of the responsibilities you carry as a dance studio owner or manager.

If it’s time for you to think about software for your studio, we have the perfect thing to help you make your decision! With so many options out there, we put together an eBook that lays out the top 14 features our dance clients say they couldn’t live without.

From merchandise features for costumes, to mobile attendance lists and on point customer support, you’ll find out from your colleagues how their dance studio has benefited from an all-in-one software.

Check out just some of the must-have features we discuss;

1. Online Registrations

When you launch a new session you don’t want to be crossing your fingers, hoping that the platform works and that parents can figure it out. You want something easy for parents to use with intuitive functionalities. You don’t want to spend tons of time on the phone helping them sign up or troubleshooting their issues.

2. Dancer Account Management Tools

One of the main goals of leveraging software for your dance studio is to help minimize some of your admin work. You’ll be able to save time on reminder emails, balances owed, processing cancellations and all kinds of repetitive admin work that often causes headaches and keeps you away from doing what you love.

3. Costume Inventory

Whether you have recreational classes, competitive teams or both, you need to consider how you can improve the way you manage your costumes for end of year shows and competitions. You want to be able to manage inventory to keep the most popular items in stock and make sure dancers are getting the right costumes.

4. Versatile Features for Your Business

Running camps during off season (summer and winter breaks) is a common practice for dance studios and shows just how important software that is able to match that versatility is. You need software that gives you enough flexibility to run very different types of activities but also one that helps you capture the right information.

5. On Point Customer Support

You don’t want to wonder if a problem you are having is simply a glitch, just a matter of doing the right set-up steps or if it’s a bigger problem like a software-wide outage. So, when you are going through the process of buying software for your dance studio, checking on reviews or simply asking about what type of customer support they offer is very important.

Plus, 9 other crucial features!

Such as data security, tools instructors can use in-class, training features for admin, as well as tons of feedback from dance studio owners and administrators.

Don't miss this chance to gain insight on the top features your studio could be using to run more efficiently and stand out from the market!

Here’s a little preview of what some dance studio owners and administrators had to say about their favorite features:

🗨 “Our summer camp is really popular, so some age groups do fill up. We use the waitlist feature so that parents still have a chance to sign their child up even if the class is full when they first go to register.” - Maria Gacesa, General Manager, Centre d’art de Préville

🗨 “We keep inventory of all our merchandise through Amilia’s SmartRec, it helps us keep track of what we have. We also assign a costume to each class for the end of year show.” - Véronique Sévigny-Leclerc, Co-founder, Studio de danse Imperium

🗨 “It was beautiful when all of a sudden, the teachers could do attendance on their phones. I was able to attach a teacher to their classes and with the app, it’s super easy for them to take attendance.” Caroline Rivard, Administrative Coordinator, Ballet Ouest

Discover all 14 features!

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