Ready to Set Up a Virtual Class? Here’s How.

Hosting live online classes, workouts, webinars, workshops, info sessions, etc. is a great way to keep clients engaged & active...and keep revenue coming in!

Mateo Stabio
Mateo Stabio
April 1, 2020 2 min read

For You

Step 1: Create a Zoom account for your organization.

Step 2: Schedule a Meeting in Zoom for each of the virtual activities that you will be hosting. Label your Meetings the same way as the activities will be set up in Amilia to eliminate any confusion.

Step 3: In Amilia, create your ‘virtual’ activity(ies) within your Online Store in the same way you would typically set up an activity.

Step 4: In the Notes section of the Edit tab within Activities, feel free to add a note to let clients know they will receive a Zoom join link 15-30 mins (or whatever time you choose!) prior to class start.

Pro tip: Sending the access information shortly before class start will ensure you have more control over who joins the class. Anyone with the link can join your meeting, and you want to eliminate party crashers!

Step 5: To send the Zoom ‘join link’ to participants, select your virtual activity in Activities and under Operations, click Send an email to staff and/or participants. Before you hit send on your email, make sure to double-check that you’ve copy & pasted the matching Zoom Meeting information for the selected activity.

For Your Clients

Step 1: Login to your Amilia account and sign-up for your virtual class.

Step 2: Download the Zoom app on whichever media you will be using – desktop, tablet, or mobile. (Download for Desktop, Download in Google Play, Download in App Store.)

Step 3: 15-30 mins before your virtual class begins, you will receive an email from your organization with all the Zoom access information you’ll need. Just click the link when you are ready to join in! We recommend doing it a few mins early to make sure everything is working OK.

Step 4: Your audio will automatically be set to mute when you’ve joined the class. You can keep your video on or off depending on your comfort level.

Step 5: Enjoy your class! 😊

FYI! These same steps apply to other free video conferencing solutions like CISCO's Webex, which works very similarly to Zoom. Learn how to get set up on Webex here.

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