What A Modern Tech Company Looks Like: New Brand, New Tech, Same Goals

June 17, 2020 5 min read

You may have already noticed we look a little different, but that’s just the beginning! We recently announced to our clients that, beyond the refreshed brand, we have launched our own App Store.

Our team has been working hard to bring the next level of Amilia to life: The Amilia rebrand and The App Store. The App Store gives customers the ability to make Amilia a centralized hub for the other technologies they might need (and pick & choose what works for them).

Over the last few months, we took the time to take a step back and look at the journey Amilia has been on so far. It’s been an opportunity to focus on projects that were always important – but never quite made it to the top of the list.

Startups can sometimes hit a point in their evolution when, regardless of their size, siloed departments (and their priorities) form at the company.

Customer success finds its way to meet client needs and forges a path from here.

Marketing finds a voice that resonates with prospects and amplifies it.

Product identifies the features that need to be developed and defines the roadmap to account for that.

Amilia is no exception. But there were also elements that we’re proud to have accomplished and these will not be going anywhere:

What hasn’t changed

  • Our commitment to serving our customers, end-to-end
  • Our dedication to evolving our technology to best meet customers’ needs
  • Our goal to educate audiences on tech & how it can help them achieve business goals
  • Our focus on feedback, communication, and growing with our customers

We sat down with the teams behind these two initiatives — the rebrand and the App Store — because no one can capture the why behind these decisions better than them!

More about the App Store in a minute (or jump to it here!).

amilia team app store rebrand

Why a rebrand and why now?

kiana foote graphic designer amilia

...Now that most of us are forced to go all-in on new online experiences (like Zoom meetings or virtual workouts), making sure these experiences are smooth and appealing is more important than ever. Even though we’re all online and behind a screen, people are still at the center of it all. There are still people taking classes, there are still businesses operating, and there are still people working at Amilia to make it all come together."

Amilia rebrand

What makes these changes so intentional, and not just “change for the sake of change”?

kim fortin brand director amilia

...The interpersonal interactions, company culture, and the cutting-edge tech of our software. We’ve always stood out in terms of experience and product, so we’re pushing the brand to match up, too."

color palette amilia brand

Tell us about the logo – it's got character now! Where did that come from?

Mateo Stabio graphic and web designer launch new logo for Amilia

...Businesses want to succeed, and they want to be found by the community members or athletes that need them most. End users want to be active (or maybe even get to the Olympics!) and they want to find the facility that will get them there. The new logo resembles a target – to help you reach your goal, but it also pulled from a map pin to connect to the concept of locating or finding the right facility – or the right clients!

We chose to move away from the “a” as our logo because it only focused on us – and that isn’t who Amilia is: at the core of our mission are our customers and the people they serve. We wanted something that was more easily recognizable and less vague than a simple letter – we’re growing as a company and our logo should speak to that too!"

See the brand in action here!

Another goal reached – meet the App Store!

Aligned with our mission to strengthen organizations’ connection to their community – the Amilia App Store gives our customers an arsenal of tools and the ability to pick and choose what they need to build out the right back office for them (and have a great experience while doing it!).

To get some perspective on this new in-platform tech, we turned to Alysson Smith, Director of Partnerships.

Let’s start off with a simple: “What is the App Store?”

alysson smith

...So they can set their Amilia experience to fit their own business needs – and run their business their way. They can add the tools and apps they want and remove the ones they don’t need."

What is the philosophy behind bringing the App Store to life on the platform?

We’re not trying to be everything for our customers, we recognize they might need to use other platforms and technologies to run their business. And part of that is connecting them to other tech partners that are the best at what they do.

The App Store is another example of us sticking to our guns (read: our company mission – our promise to you) to bring our customers the best solution for their needs.

What excites you the most about the Amilia App Store?

I’ve already mentioned the power of building a custom tech stack that works with any specific business operations – that's cool in and of itself. But beyond that, I love that it gives customers the peace of mind that their tools can all run together seamlessly - with real-time data to empower them to make the best decisions for their business.

...And hopefully, they’ll discover new apps while they’re at it!

We’ve been helping businesses at all stages reach their full potential for over a decade. Whether you’re looking to stabilize or scale, we’re always working in the background to help (and now we look even snazzier while doing it, shout out to our brand team!).

This year has been full of surprises, but we know this for sure: we’re always on, and ready to get our customers where they want to be!

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