Tips For Working With Generations

We believe that the beauty of bringing people together for activities is embracing everyone’s uniqueness! Don’t let the generation gap throw you off – see it as an opportunity to tap into some awesome opportunities for your organization.

Anne-Sophie Leclerc
Anne-Sophie Leclerc
November 21, 2023 3 min read

Getting the hang of the mix of generations requires flexibility. The day-to-day interactions between different generations can be a bit tricky when you're in charge of activities. But instead of seeing these differences as roadblocks, it's key to clock in on the opportunities each generation brings to the table. Whether it's different values, communication styles, or expectations, this blog spills the beans on practical tips to kickstart teamwork across generations. Let's flip that script and make it an asset for your community!

Understand Generational Differences Inside Your Community

Dealing with various age groups can bring about different expectations. Take, for example, younger folks who might appreciate teamwork and inclusivity, while the older crew may be more used to traditional hierarchies. Grasping these differences is important for smooth communication and teamwork within your crew. Check out some top-notch tips to make sure all generations can glide through your organization, ensuring positive experiences for your community members. In the following lines, learn why you should plan effective programming, cancel any accessibility issues, and base your management on a well-framed communication strategy.


Encourage Communication Across Generations at Work

Communication is a big deal between the staff and management teams. Whether it's written, group discussions, or one-on-one meetings, it's crucial to make sure everyone feels at ease sharing their ideas, concerns, and perspectives. It's also a good idea to structure regular communication moments, frequent enough to support everyone's thoughts and feelings. As a manager, practicing active listening shows you're open to hearing everyone's thoughts and opinions, making folks from all generations feel acknowledged!

Recognize and Utilize Every Generations’ Strengths

Get the most out of each generation by tapping into their strengths every day. One strategy could be to push Mentorship Programs, where employees help each other out. The exchange of knowledge and skills between different age groups adds a ton of value to your community center's success and creates a better experience for your members. That's where the magic happens —when everyone's strengths support each other! An atmosphere of learning can really create a positive atmosphere.

But if clashes pop up because of generational gaps, deal with them quickly and in a positive way. Push for a solution-focused approach and help the conflicting parties get where the other is coming from. Keep in mind, the key is to see and use everyone's strengths. As a manager, give recognition to and make the most of what each generation brings to the team. The older crew might bring tons of experience, and the younger group? Well, they're all about fresh perspectives and tech wizardry. It's a win-win!


Establish Even Guidelines Between Generations

No matter if you're working with Gen Z or Boomers, keep things balanced in your team. Take work-life balance for example: even if the old-timers have a strong work ethic and the youngsters are all about flexibility and a work-life balance, you should be sure to communicate what the organization and the team need. Be ready to get everyone the resources they need to accomplish the tasks. Having a mix of generations on the team is definitely a strength every organization should embrace.

If you approach things with this mindset, we're pretty sure you'll whip up a work environment that's all about inclusivity and goodwill. Get to know what everyone needs, their strengths, their growth areas, and figure out how they can bring their A-game to the organization. And hey, as a manager, aim to level up your own inclusivity and understanding game. You got this!

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