Online Registration 

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Online Registration, Simplified.

Online registration software has never been easier for you and your customers! With Amilia's fully flexible scheduling you can quickly set up your registration periods, courses, activities, and events — your schedule, your way. The scheduling workflow has been designed so you can build your schedule exactly how you want it. If that means different days of the week at different times, with different locations and staff requirements, or if you require extra practices, workshops, or competitions — whatever you can dream up — the Amilia platform can handle it.  You can even copy activities and programs from one session to the next you don't have to start from scratch every session.

Client Account

How does registration work for your clients? The first step for each participant is to create a customer account. They can then add their family members to their own account. They will be able to register themselves and their family members for your activities and can update their personal information at any time. The client Billing tab provides each customer with continuous access to their billing, payment history, statements, and tax receipts. Your schedules will be clearly displayed on your clients’ calendar in their Amilia user account, so they will know exactly when and where they need to be.

Enrollment Restrictions

With Amilia you can set enrollment settings for your activities according to age, gender, location, skill level, and available places. You can even restrict enrollment based on membership and pre-registration eligibility.

Up-to-Date Information

All information your customers enter when registering online will be synced to their personal account, so you do not have to process the information manually. Eliminating data entry will save time and with fewer steps to perform, the risk of human error is reduced. In addition, eliminating paper forms will please your environmentally inclined clients and will save you money no more printing and reprinting after every edit or change!

Mobile Optimized Registration

Your customers will be able to register 24/7 whenever they want, even if your organization is closed. By 2017, the vast majority of your customers have gotten the habit of shopping online and are no longer willing to wait in-line or on-hold during busy registration periods. Offering your clients online registration is simply simplifying their lives. There will always be unpredictable events that will make your participants unable to travel for registration: bad weather, travel, work obligations, illness, etc. With online registration, if they have access to the internet, they can register online. Amilia helps you scale and anywhere from 10s to 10,000s of people can register at the same time on our platform without problem. Your administrators no longer have to process all registrations manually and will have more time to offer quality customer service.

Easy Purchase Process

Amilia's check out process is the same shopping cart concept your customers have been using for online shopping for years. They can shop for the activities they are interested in, put them in their shopping cart, and easily check-out.

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